About Christian Courier

Wayne Jackson and members of the East Main Church of Christ in Stockton, California launched the Christian Courier in May of 1965.

It began as a small Bible study journal mailed for free to readers each month. As described in the inaugural issue, it was designed to present the teaching of Jesus in a simple, lucid style not characterized by ostentation or inflated language. Its purpose was to help Christians become more knowledgeable in God’s Word, to fortify their faith in the Savior, and to equip every child of God for defending the truth and living righteously in a sinful world.

Here is our mission statement, as adapted from that first issue.

It is purposed that THE CHRISTIAN COURIER will be a righteous force for and among the people of God. The paper will be mailed on a subscription-free basis to all interested persons. It is hoped, however, that Christians will, after seeing the value of our efforts, be constrained to fellowship in the work. Its sole object is to seek the truth, acknowledging no other standard of religious faith or works other than the Old and New Testaments—the latter being the only standard of the religion of Jesus Christ. As this labor is begun, it is launched with prayer and for the everlasting glory of Jehovah, our God.

In 1998, we launched the Christian Courier on this website. Today it has grown to become one of the most valued and visited teaching websites among the churches of Christ. More than 40 million readers from over 200 countries have accessed the Christian Courier website since its launch.