If you need help or have a question, you may contact CHRISTIAN COURIER / FORTIFY YOUR FAITH in the following ways:

U.S. Postal Mail

PO BOX 11746
Jackson, TN 38308


Telephone access is limited due to heavy demand and limited staff.

If you leave a message, please clearly state your name and the reason for your call, the best number to reach you by telephone, and a convenient time for us to return your call.

Please be advised that we are in the Central Time Zone.

Office: (731) 256-7280
FAX: (731) 256-5152

How Can I Contact Wayne Jackson?

Wayne Jackson passed away on December 2, 2020. All mail is read by our office and editorial staff at this time, and responses are returned as appropriate.

Christian Courier
P.O. Box 11746
Jackson, TN 38308