The Anthropic Principle
This article discusses the so-called anthropic principle, i.e., the idea that earth’s environment was created for the sake of mankind.
Examining Premillennialism
Premillennialism, the doctrine that Christ will soon return to set up an earthly kingdom for a thousand years, is a popular idea these days. In this this article, Wayne Jackson examines this theory.
The Common Propaganda Regarding “Cave Men”
This essay discusses the common view that ancient “cave people” were “semi-human” brutes.
John Calvin and Grace
John Calvin wielded a great influence in the religious community on the subject of grace. His ideas are circulated in several denominations, and, tragically, have found their way into the thinking of many people.
Are We Alone in the Universe?
Have scientists discovered other planets that may harbor intelligent life?
How Many Prophecies Are in the Bible?
Questions dealing with biblical statistics
Bill Clinton: A Presidential Paradox
The ex-president’s high popularity is perplexing in light of his moral failures. This article addresses this paradox.
May Christians Observe Holidays?
May a Christian be involved, in any way, with holidays that have pagan origins?
Jonah: A “Fish Story” or History?
Is the Old Testament account of Jonah a myth or a credible recording of actual events? Some point to alleged inaccuracies to claim the account is a fable.
Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?
Does the fourth commandment apply today? Should Christians keep the Sabbath?
Should a Christian Marry Outside the Faith?
This discussion addresses whether or not a Christian should marry “out of the faith.”
Religion and Morality: The Connection
George Washington affirmed that a nation could not be maintained without morality. Today, some say biblical morality is unnecessary for national success. This essay analyzes the assertion by Alan Dershowitz that morality is not dependent upon religion.
Is It Wrong to Be Cruel to Animals?
Is animal life sacred? Is it wrong to be cruel to animals?
Tutoring in the Shadow of Darwin
This article reviews the recent scholarship prize award by John N. Clayton.
A Brief Study of the Angel of Jehovah
Who is the Angel of Jehovah in the Old Testament?
What About Moderate Social Drinking?
This article responds to a number of arguments which attempt to defend the practice of social drinking.
Myth or History: Did Jericho’s Walls Come Down?
This article examines two areas of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan: the battle of Jericho and the destruction of Hazor. Are the accounts accurate?
New Video Promotes Homosexual Agenda
A new video, designed to promote the gay-lesbian agenda, was shown at the White House in mid-December.
Those Missing Links
Here we address the evolutionists’ problem of explaining the missing links in the fossil record, and the war raging between evolutionary proponents.
LORD and Lord: What’s the Difference?
Why does the title “lord” appear in two formats in the Old Testament, i.e., LORD and Lord?