A Lesson from the Leech
What can we learn from a blood-sucking leech?
The Crimson Flow
It is not difficult to see how vital it is to understand the role of Jesus’ blood in God’s redemptive plan.
Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood Transfusions
Are blood transfusions a violation of God’s law? The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” claim they are. Many cases can be documented that demonstrate that the “Witnesses” have allowed family members to die, rather than save their lives with blood transfusions. Read this article regarding this controversial issue.
Marriage: As Designed by God
What is the origin and design of marriage?
John Shelby Spong: Anglican Nightmare
John Shelby Spong, a retired bishop of the Anglican Church, has made a career of being a rogue “priest” who assaults almost everything that is sacred within the Christian religion. His outrageous ideology has been an embarrassment to many of his Anglican kinsmen. This week’s Penpoints focuses upon some of Spong’s theological aberrations.
Christianity Today Editor Just Doesn’t Understand
An associate editor of ChristianityToday.com has severely criticized the teaching methods of Jesus. In doing so, he has reflected upon himself far more than he has the Lord.
The Destiny of Our Children: Nature or Nurture?
Just how much influence do parents have over the future of their children? Some psychologists say, “Almost none.” But the Holy Scriptures say otherwise.
Meet Ted Turner—Thanks, I’d Rather Not!
A profile of millionaire and humanist, Ted Turner.
Adam Clarke & Albert Barnes: Scholars from the Past
Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes were famous Bible commentators of a by-gone era. This “human interest” piece discusses some little-known facts about these distinguished gentlemen.
Hard Sayings in the Bible
How does one account for some of those “hard sayings” in the Scriptures?
Bee-havior Points to God
For centuries bees have been the objects of careful study by scientists. They are amazing creatures indeed (the bees that is), bearing the imprint of divine design in so many ways.
DISgrace Institute: A Religious Disconnect
When it comes to religion, some folks have a real “disconnect.” By that I mean they are strong in arguing for a particular doctrinal platform, but they see no relationship between their theological peculiarities and their conduct of life.
Some Lessons From Church History
Church historians agree that many changes in faith and practice occurred over the last two thousand years, with many negative consequences. Is this religious mindset still affecting the followers of Christ today?
Are Multiple Containers Prohibited in the Distribution of the Lord’s Supper?
Are multiple cups (containers) prohibited in the distribution of the “fruit of the vine” during the Lord’s day communion service? Some sincere folks so contend, but what does the evidence actually indicate? Study this question with us.
Do the Scriptures Authorize Multiple Cups?
Why do so many churches use a plurality of “cups” in administering the Lord’s supper, when the Scriptures appear to authorize just one, “a cup”?
My Cup Runs Over
In that delightful twenty-third Psalm, the writer (most likely David) depicts the lavish blessings bestowed by God. Surely the devout child of God today can echo those sentiments in his own life.
The Last Supper
Poignant words concisely spoken are echoed in worship assemblies every Lord’s Day. In remembrance of him, Christians recall the words of Jesus, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many unto remission of sins” (Matt. 26:28).
Jesus Christ: Pioneer in Human Development
Parents need to reflect upon the example left by young Jesus, and direct their own offspring in a similar course of living.
Is Gambling a Moral Issue?
Is gambling a “moral” issue? Some suggest that it is not; it is merely a pragmatic issue.
A Response to a Lutheran Pastor
The belief that mankind is born with sin is without scriptural or logical foundation. Yet the teaching is quite common among denominationalists. The Lord’s church has been attacked for not upholding this ridiculous dogma.