Questions About Melchizedek
One of the intriguing issues that arises in studying the book of Hebrews has to do with the identity of that mysterious gentleman known as Melchizedek.
Was Melchizedek the Preincarnate Christ?
Was Melchizedek the preincarnate Christ?
Abraham – A Case of Old Testament Accuracy
Several important achaeological discoveries demonstrate once again the uncanny accuracy of the Bible.
The Christian Priesthood
Exploring the Concept of Priesthood
The study of the concept of priesthood contains many valuable facets. It also is fraught with religious error. This article discusses both of these aspects.
Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?
The Mormon doctrine concerning the church is a maze of confusion and contradiction.
Have You Checked Those Numbers Lately?
While the Old Testament demanded the tithe from the Hebrews, the New Testament embodies a nobler challenge. Christians should carefully consider the percentage of their giving on the Lord’s day.
How Did the Samaritan Woman Know About the Messiah?
A Samaritan woman told Jesus that she knew about the coming Messiah. How did this lady know this fact?
In the Steps of Abraham
The life of Abraham abounds with lessons from which the sincere child of God can profit.
Is Taking an Oath in Court or Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Forbidden?
Does James 5:12 prohibit a Christian from “swearing” to tell the truth in a court of law? What about saying the Pledge of Allegiance?
Did the Ancient Gentiles Have the Hope of Salvation?
To What Law Were the Ancient Gentiles Accountable?
The Jews of the Old Testament regime were responsible to the law of Moses. But what law were the Gentiles under? This is a question that perplexes many Bible students.
The Perfecting of Jesus Christ
A discussion of Hebrews 5:8-9.
Jehovah’s Righteous Branch
The prophets herald the coming of one who is designated as Jehovah’s “Branch.” Jeremiah’s emphasis of this theme is particularly compelling. Study this subject with us.
What Is Rastafarianism? Who Was Bob Marley?
What is the religion called Rastafarianism? How was Jamaican entertainer Bob Marley connected with this movement?
The Pentateuch: The Cornerstone of Scripture
The first five books of the Old Testament are invaluable for the serious Bible student – in many different ways. Jason Jackson discusses these magnificent documents.
Was Jesus the Son of God Eternally?
There is a popular belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God from all eternity. But is that theory correct? The following study argues otherwise.
A Study of Messianic Psalms
The Psalms have much to say about Jesus the Messiah. Jason Jackson details the characteristics of these moving prophecies.
Behold, the Man!
Pilate paraded Jesus before the crowd and exclaimed, “Behold, the man!” (Jn. 19:5). Significantly, this very phrase is found in an Old Testament prophecy that heralds the coming of Israel’s Messiah.
The New Testament Pattern of Giving
Are there any binding ordinances for Christian giving in the New Testament?