Creationism in Our Schools

Wayne Jackson
A study of brotherhood educational institutions regarding creation reveals startling deficiencies.

In April 1998, Dr. A. Jang, a professor of Natural Science & Psychology at National University, gave a speech in Los Angeles, California which he detailed a survey report which supposedly reflects attitudes toward the biblical doctrine of creation within educational institutions affiliated with churches of Christ. The report contained some interesting information.

  1. There appears to be minimal interest about creation among our schools. Of eleven preacher-training schools contacted, only seven responded. Within our colleges/universities, out of twenty-five surveys mailed, only a dozen Bible departments bothered to reply. Of nineteen science departments contacted, a mere seven cooperated.
  2. The preacher schools reflected a more conservative view of the creation controversy than did the standard educational institutions. More than half the biology instructors suggested that “the theory of evolution is a better explanation for accounting for present day biological and physical systems than any of the creationist beliefs.”
  3. The survey indicated that when initially founded, our colleges were creationist in orientation, but that there has been a “gradual move towards greater acceptance of evolution-oriented teachings, especially in Christian College life science departments.”
  4. Professor Jang recommended that brethren be open both to the strict creationist view, and to various forms of theistic evolution (he specifically mentioned John N. Clayton), since diverse approaches appeal to different folks. This is a rather incredible suggestion, but is typical of the philosophy of many.

It is a tragic commentary upon the character of our modern brotherhood that the conservative denominational world has been in the forefront of the battle against evolution, while our institutions have remained relatively silent. This writer does not know of a solitary figure, associated with the science departments in our universities, who is making a significant impact for biblical creationism on the American scene.