Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Wayne Jackson
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is the title of a documentary movie that premiers across the nation on Friday, April 18. We encourage our readers to see this presentation.

Ben Stein is a popular Jewish writer (author of some thirteen books) and commentator. He is a professional comedian, an Emmy Award-winning actor, and game show host. He also is a lawyer, has been a law professor, and once served as a White House speech writer in Richard Nixon’s administration.

In recent years, Stein has been a vocal advocate against the theory of evolution. He subscribes to the “intelligent design” (ID) philosophy; that is, that many organisms are so complex that they obviously could not have developed by random, evolutionary processes. There must have been some “Intelligence” who designed them. He is not a “creationist” in the biblical sense of that expression. The following paragraph is taken from an entry on Wikipedia.

Stein has written publicly denouncing the theory of evolution which he and other intelligent design advocates term “Darwinism,” declaring it to be “a painful, bloody chapter in the history of ideologies,” “the most compelling argument yet for Imperialism,” and the inspiration for the Holocaust. Stein does not say belief in Darwinism alone leads to genocide, but it is a necessary component. He co-wrote and stars in an upcoming film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which features advocates of intelligent design and also links evolution to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Advocates for intelligent design are portrayed as victims of discrimination for their beliefs by the [so-called] scientific community, which has widely rejected intelligent design as pseudoscience. Creationists and intelligent design scientists see otherwise. One of the pro-evolution scientists [P. Z. Myers, professor of biology, University of Minnesota] interviewed for Expelled claims that he was interviewed under false pretenses and assumes the quotes are edited in a way that misrepresents his original statements.

I have read the letter that was sent to Professor Myers, inviting him to participate in the movie project. There was absolutely no duplicity in the invitation. This is simply a case of “sour grapes.” The letter stated: “We are interested in asking you a number of questions about the disconnect / controversy that exists in America between Evolution, Creation and the Intelligent Design Movement.”

That is precisely the intent of the thrust of the movie. The problem with Mr. Myers is this: he did not know that the film would contain arguments for intelligent design, as well as presentations from such radical atheists as Richard Dawkins (author of the radical diatribe, The God Delusion).

Evolutionists have been beaten into the dust in so many debates over the past several decades, that they simply cannot abide the notion of a balanced treatment of both sides of the creation-evolution issue. That is why they are so frantically opposed to intelligent design being taught in the school room setting.

Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, will debut in theaters on Friday, April the 18. I highly encourage parents with children in public schools (and any others who are interested) to see this documentary that is being so rabidly opposed by the evolutionists.

Watch the trailer and find a theater: Expelled, The Movie