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By Wayne Jackson | Christian Courier

Old Testament Word Studies

by Robert Wilson

This valuable book allows the Bible student who knows only English to get an understanding of Hebrew words in the Old Testament. The book is easy to use and will enhance one’s knowledge of OT texts. Retail $19.95; sale price $12.95.

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

Stephen Renn, Ed.

This volume examines over 7260 Hebrew/Greek words alphabetically arranged under English forms. Solid discussions of the meanings of important Bible terms. Bonus CD included. Retail $29.95; sale price $24.95.

Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

by David Bercot

This work is a reference guide to more than 700 topics discussed by the early “Church Fathers.” These are men who lived in the post-apostolic age. There is a brief bio-sketch of the various writers. The quotations are invaluable in showing how the 2nd/3rd century churches were slowly departing from the faith. Retail $34.99; sale price $19.95.

Wycliffe Dictionary of Bible Archaeology

Charles F. Pfeiffer, Ed.

Few studies are as thrilling as that of biblical archaeology. More than 380 articles, with 559 illustrations, bring the ancient lands of the Bible to life. Many discoveries have crushed skeptical charges against the Scriptures. Retail $29.95; sale price $19.95.

Wycliffe Dictionary of Theology

E.F. Harrison, G.W. Bromiley, Carl Henry, Eds.

This reference work was written from a conservative viewpoint with 138 contributing scholars. It covers more than 850 topics. The serious Bible student will find himself consulting this source frequently for classes or sermons. Retail $29.95; sale price $19.95.

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