Church Discipline – A Tragic Neglect
A study of church discipline, especially the ultimate act of withdrawal of fellowship
Should “Weak” Christians Be Disfellowshipped?
Should Christians who are merely “weak” be subject to the disfellowship process?
Does Matthew 18:20 Sanction Personal Assemblies?
Does Matthew 18:20 sanction the practice of forsaking the Lord’s day assemblies, in deference to private assemblies for social or recreational purposes? Some so claim, but what is the contextual significance of this instruction from Christ?
When Christ Withdraws His Fellowship
This article discusses the meaning of Matthew 18:20 in its immediate context.
What About Potlucks and Church Discipline?
Is the New Testament command to not eat with unfaithful Christians apply to a potluck gathering?
On Radicalism and Making Reckless Accusations
It is time for a return to an era of fidelity that is seasoned with common sense and brotherly concern.
Church Controversies
While there certainly are times when a preacher, teacher or church must be publicly censured, there are many cases where problems are dealt with in a less than expedient manner—and far too often with an ugly spirit of division. What are some principles that should guide our reaction to such controversial events?
An Analysis of Romans 14
The fourteenth chapter of Romans is a marvelous treatise in which the inspired apostle encourages the strong to assist the weak so that the cause of Christ might be united. It contains such rich lessons for the church of today.
A Study of Romans 14
Romans 14 is an intriguing piece of literature. Often misunderstood and frequently abused, it offers much instruction for the spiritually minded student.
Corinth – A Troubled Church
The church in Corinth had numerous spiritual problems, one of which was its tolerance of flagrant immorality. In his letter to this church, the apostle delivers a sharp rebuke. Happily, it produce a healthy result.
Jesus Christ: Church Inspector
Jesus noted both desirable and undesirable traits of the seven churches of Asia in the opening chapters of Revelation. His observations can be of supreme value today to those who desire to please Christ.
2 Corinthians 2:6 – The Sufficient Punishment
The divinely prescribed method of church discipline is effective.
What About Christian Fellowship?
There are extremes to the left and right on the topic of Christian fellowship.
The Church Needs More Wise Guys
Many of life’s important lessons are found in the book of Proverbs. Although the basic truths contained therein are found elsewhere in the Bible, the Proverbs of Solomon are often vivid phrases that need to be memorized and recited when necessary. This study demonstrates the value of the book of Proverbs by looking at the opening statements of the book itself.
What Is the Church of Christ?
The New Testament gives a clear picture of what the church was under the leadership of the Lord’s apostles. The church’s origin was divine; it continues to be subject to the authority of Christ. Should it not be the same today — simply, the church of Christ?
Can a Christian Ever Be Lost?
1 Timothy 1:20 – Delivered unto Satan
What does Paul mean when he stated that he had delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan? What great sin warranted this action?
A Historian’s Assessment of Ancient Christianity
Edward Gibbon’s monumental work of history provides great insight into early Christianity.
Acts 11:21,24 – “A Great Number that Believed Turned unto the Lord”
A subtle, but important, point from the Greek text helps us to distinguish several factors in the plan of salvation
What About “Local” Church Membership?
Is it necessary to be a member of a local church?