Reflections on the Goodness of God
It is such a comfort to know that God is a Being of perfect goodness. Reflect on these aspects of his goodness.
When Goodness Is as the Morning Dew
The prophet Hosea described ancient Israel’s goodness as like the morning dew. What did he mean by this strange analogy?
Old Testament Events and the Goodness of God
Some have suggested that certain accounts within the Old Testament appear to depict God not as holy, kind, good, and merciful, but instead as unjust, mean, vengeful, and unmerciful. How can God be called “good” in light of such events?
Hosea 3:5 – “David’s” Reign in the Latter Days
Every Old Testament book, to some extent, focuses upon the coming of Christ. This is no less true of the book of Hosea.
The Magic of Kindness
If we would emulate our God, we will cultivate kindness. This one moral attribute can work wonders on both friends and enemies.
Will Everyone Go to Heaven?
The idea that all people will be saved appears to be gaining momentum. But the fact is, this dogma has no basis in Scripture and logically it is irrational.
A Message from an Angel
In the 14th chapter of the book of Revelation, John the apostle records a vision of several angels, who bring messages from God. This article addresses one of those messages.
Was Jesus “Gruff” and “Explosive”?
Sometimes well-meaning writers attribute to Christ incorrect attitudes or actions. We must be careful not to do that. Let us look carefully at this important issue.
Why Would a Loving God Send Us to Hell?
Is the doctrine of eternal punishment in hell consistent with the idea of a good and loving God?
Bertrand Russell and Christianity, Part 2
Part two in a two-part series on Bertrand Russell’s reasons why he rejected Christianity
Bertrand Russell and Christianity, Part 1
Part 1 in a two-part series on Bertrand Russell’s reasons why he rejected Christianity
Does God Send Delusions? Can a Person Harden Himself Beyond Hope?
What does the Bible mean when it suggests that God may “send a strong delusion” to some people (2 Thes. 2:11)? Would the “God of truth” actually “send” a lie? Too, is it possible for a person to harden his heart to the extent that he is beyond the hope of salvation?
Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?
Have you ever heard of a good person who has done a very bad thing? Why does this happen?
The Doctrine of “Determinism” — What Is It?
“Determinism” is a popular dogma — both in the skeptical community and in the religious environment. It has no support in either logic or scripture. Study this topic with us.
The Rationale for Evaluating Political Leaders
By what standard should one evaluate a political leader? Does the Bible shed any light on this question?
How Is God To Be “Known”?
Can God be known from nature? Or are the Scriptures required for a fuller knowledge of the Creator? This article explores these questions.
Did Jesus Repudiate His Divine Nature?
Some claim that Jesus, in his conversation with the rich, young ruler (Mk. 10:17-18), denied that he possessed the nature of deity. What is the truth of this matter? Study this controversial passage with us.
The Lord Is My Rock
The word “rock” is a common biblical metaphor. It illustrates many great truths about God. This article briefly surveys this topic.
Two “Stewards”—A Study in Contrast
The matter of “stewardship” is a vital biblical concept. The following study in contrast is one that challenges the sincere child of God.
The Thrilling and Mysterious Ways of God
In a micro-exclamation of praise, Paul has captured the whole of redemptive history — Heaven’s operations on behalf of Adam’s fallen children. It yet leaves us stunned!