A Response to: “Yes, We Baptize Babies”
All loving parents want their children to be saved. But is infant baptism helping our children reach that goal? Or is it a dangerous and unscriptural practice that should be abandoned?
What Is the History of Infant Sprinkling?
When did the practice of infant sprinkling originate? Was it an apostolic practice? Or did it develop later? Let us look at the historical facts.
Are Logic and Scripture Compatible?
Not only are logic and Scripture compatible, they are inseparable. If we understand the Bible correctly, and use valid reasoning, biblical truths are concluded.
8 Mistaken Ideas About Baptism
Although baptism is mentioned dozens of times in the New Testament, the rite has been so grossly misunderstood in a great variety of ways.
Baby Dedication Ceremonies: Expediency or Innovation?
The practice of having “baby dedication” services is becoming increasingly popular within some churches of Christ? Is this ritual a mere expedient, or does it reflect an unwarranted innovation? This article addresses this growing controversy.
Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!
Why would someone claim that babies are awful creatures?
A History of the Baptism Apostasy
The doctrine of baptism, as set forth in the New Testament, is scarcely recognizable in the modern world of “Christendom.” How did this strange and unwarranted change come about? Study this issue with us.
Do Romans 6:3-4 and Galatians 3:26-27 Refer to Spirit Baptism?
Is Christian baptism to be administered by men or by the Spirit? Some believe that Holy Spirit baptism is in view in Romans 6:3-4 and Galatians 3:26-27. But will this idea stand the scrutiny of sound biblical interpretation?
Does Mark 16:16 Involve “Water” Baptism?
Is the baptism in Mark 16:16 a baptism in water or is it of some other sort?
Baptism: Essentials and Nonessentials
Baptism is a very important rite in the divine scheme of salvation. But it is imperative that one be able to distinguish between the “essential” and “nonessential” items associated with the command. Study this matter with us in this week’s Penpoints.
A Response to a Lutheran Pastor
The belief that mankind is born with sin is without scriptural or logical foundation. Yet the teaching is quite common among denominationalists. The Lord’s church has been attacked for not upholding this ridiculous dogma.
What Is a Necessary Inference?
Is “necessary inference” a valid method of arriving at biblical truth?
A Divine Platform for Christian Unity
In Paul’s letter to the saints in Ephesus, there is a marvelous platform for Christian unity. In this article, Wayne Jackson discusses the components of the plan for sacred unity.
Is a Word Formula Required in Administering Baptism?
Must baptism be administered “in the name of Jesus” only to be valid?
Is Baptism a Gospel Obligation?
Some religious leaders deny that water baptism is an essential component in God’s plan for human redemption. Frequently, 1 Corinthians 1:17 is employed to argue this point. What is the truth regarding this matter?
The Great Commission According to Matthew
One of the last instructions Christ gave to his apostles was to go make disciples of all the nations. In this article, we review the account of this solemn command as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.
Original Sin and a Misapplied Passage
This essay addresses a verse commonly used in support of the false doctrine of original sin.
Does Psalm 58 Teach “Original Sin”?
A sincere reader believes that Psalm 58:3-6 teaches that infants are “born in sin.” But this is a mistaken view of the figurative nature of the poetic language. Study this issue with us.
1 Corinthians 1:17 — Paul Not Sent to Baptize
Did the apostle Paul teach that baptism was not necessary for salvation from sins? By no means. Study this passage with us.
Matthew 28:19-20 – Four Important Points About the Great Commission
Four important points from Matthew’s account of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).