Are We Hooking Our Kids on Drugs?
This essay is a discussion of the growing trend of drug treatment for children.
Alexander Campbell and Christ’s Church
Members of the Lord’s church are sometimes erroneously referred to as “Campbellites.” What exactly is behind such appellation?
Did Jesus Christ Endorse Dishonesty?
Did Christ endorse dishonesty? Some critics so claim. The truth is, it is their dishonesty with the biblical text that is more than obvious.
Did Solomon Teach the Doctrine of Soul-Sleeping?
A critic writes to argue that the book of Ecclesiastes teaches that the dead are not conscious. What are the real facts of the case?
The Yoke of Christ
Christianity is best for humankind because it fits us well. If you have burdens, come see what Christ has to offer.
The Extended-Sabbath Argument and Darwinism
Sometimes Christians are intimidated by the massive propaganda campaign advanced by the followers of Charles Darwin. One indication of this is the common acceptance of evolutionary chronology, i.e., the idea that the Universe is billions of years old. Some, in an effort to find biblical support for the “long-ages” of history presupposition, have argued, on the basis of Hebrews 4:9, that the “days” of the creation week were vast ages. This week’s Penpoints examines this argument.
Paul’s First Recorded Sermon
The first recorded sermon of Paul occurred in Antioch of Pisidia (see picture of historical ruins). Some were converted, many were not.
Scholastic Subterfuge
When the plan of salvation is so easy to understand, why do some go to such great lengths to obscure it?
Preparing to Preach
The Roman Catholic – Lutheran Peace Treaty
On October 31, 1999 in Augsburg, Germany, representatives of Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism met to sign a “peace treaty” of sorts.
Did Jesus Violate the Sabbath?
A Christian writer/speaker, who travels extensively and lectures on “Does God Exist?,” has written that the Bible indicates that Jesus, on one occasion, “violated” the Old Testament Sabbath-day law. He has cited the Gospel of Mark 2:23-24. Would you comment on this?
Is All Remarriage After Divorce Condemned?
Some allege that all second marriages following a divorce are prohibited. Does this theory have the support of Scripture? Has the New Testament information on this matter been corrupted? Study this issue with us.
O Woman, Great Is Your Faith!
A brief devotional study on one of the greatest examples of faith during the ministry of Christ.
Do I Need to Be Re-baptized?
Should anyone ever be re-baptized? Some say no. But what do the scriptures say?
What About Moderate Social Drinking?
This article responds to a number of arguments which attempt to defend the practice of social drinking.
Exploiting Human Weakness: A Look at Vice Taxation
Christians need to oppose wrong-doing on the basis of principle, rather than capitulating to compromising crumbs thrown to us from the tables of politicians.
The Folly of Extrapolating Analogy
Analogy is a legitimate method of reasoning. But it has its limitations. Unfortunately, many do not understand those limitations, hence abuse this form of logic.
1 Corinthians 6 – No Shield for Lawbreakers
A discussion of whether a Christian can appeal to civil law in a defense against another Christian
Principles of Interpretation: The “Expansion” Concept
The scope of a biblical verse may be expanded by supplementary information on the same subject in related passages. An understanding of this hermeneutical principle would prevent many an error.
Jesus Christ: Church Inspector
Jesus noted both desirable and undesirable traits of the seven churches of Asia in the opening chapters of Revelation. His observations can be of supreme value today to those who desire to please Christ.