1 Timothy 4:14 – Timothy’s Gift and the Elders
Exactly how did Timothy receive spiritual gifts? Study this misunderstood passage with us.
2 Corinthians 2:6 – The Sufficient Punishment
The divinely prescribed method of church discipline is effective.
John 3:8 – The Spirit Breathes
What is the correct interpretation of this widely misunderstood passage?
What about Braided Hair?
A discussion of Paul’s prohibition of braided hair, gold, etc.
Misdirected Benevolence
Spiritual people will feel compassion for the poor. But do we always exercise wisdom in our efforts to help? Let us reflect upon some principles relative to assisting the needy.
Ezekiel 12:13 — The Blind Ruler
The prophet Ezekiel accurately prophesied the details of the capture of the king of Israel.
3 John 2 – Body and Soul
The Apostle John shows an obvious distinction between the body and the soul.
What Does the Bible Say About Ash Wednesday?
What is Lent and Ash Wednesday? Are these religious observances found in the Bible?
Show Her! Don’t Just Tell Her.
I do not understand men who treat their wives so indifferently, much less those who deliberately wound them with insulting words or actually assault them physically. And some men of this temperament profess to be Christians!
Galatians 1:23 – The Faith
The use of the definite article “the” in Paul’s discussion of “the faith” is significant.
2 Peter 1:8 – Conditional Salvation
Faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love are all qualities the apostle Peter identifies as qualifying one’s salvation.
Genesis 6:6 – Did God Repent?
Genesis 6:6 indicates that “it repented Jehovah that he had made man.” Does this mean that God regretted his creation?
Did Jesus Deceive His Brothers?
Bible critics frequently charge Jesus Christ with dishonesty in connection with an incident recorded in the Gospel of John (7:1ff). Study this matter with us.
Amos 5:21,22 – Vain Religion
Worship God — then live as you please — is the sentiment of legions. But what does God think of such attitudes?
Who’s the Boss?
What values are our children really learning from our parenting? Are we really concerned with instilling respect for God and his will in our children’s hearts, or are we more concerned with making sure they have the appearance of a successfull family environment?
Acts 18:9 – Paul’s Fear at Corinth
God does not want the proclamation of His word to be characterized by a spirit of fearfulness.
Revelation 7 & 14 – The 144,000
How should one interpret the use of the numeral 144, 000 in the book of Revelation?
Judges 4 – Deborah, the Woman Judge
Does Deborah’s service as a judge of Israel authorize leadership roles for women in the Lord’s church?
1 Peter 1:3,4 – The Heavenly Hope
Where is the hope of the righteous to be eternally realized — on earth or in heaven? The Bible’s answer is very clear.
How Many Prophecies Are in the Bible?
Has anyone counted the number of prophecies in the Bible?