The Divine Pattern of Acceptable Worship—Part 2
What is acceptable worship? This article is the second in a two-part series.
The Divine Pattern of Acceptable Worship — Part 1
What is acceptable worship? This article is the first in a two-part series.
Denomination Claims Biblical Worship
A failure to understand the real distinction between the Old and New Covenants underlies a host of religious errors.
2 Timothy 1:13 – The Pattern of Sound Words
Some openly repudiate what they call “pattern theology.” The apostle Paul, however, did not.
Do the Psalms Authorize Instrumental Music in Worship?
May one contend that while the “law” was abolished by the death of Christ, nonetheless, the Psalms remain; and the Psalms provide authority for worshipping God with instruments of music?
Is Christian Worship Regulated by New Testament Law?
A gentleman affiliated with the Independent Christian Church has argued that Christian worship is not regulated by New Testament law? Does this theory have the support of Scripture?
Paul’s Condemnation of Will-Worship
What is “will-worship”? Why did Paul, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, condemn it? Study carefully this article.
A brief survey on worship as taught in the Bible.
The New Testament Pattern of Giving
Are there any binding ordinances for Christian giving in the New Testament?
Are Modern Church Buildings Digressive?
Does the use of a modern church building constitute a digression of the divine pattern? Though some so claim, the New Testament does not support this notion.
Does 1 Corinthians 16:1-2 Constitute a Binding Pattern?
Some attempt to argue that Christians are not commanded to give a weekly contribution based on 1 Corinthians 16:1-2.
Is Your Worship Becoming Disney Church?
Many churches are leaving the pattern of faith and practice found in the New Testament and adopting a modern, community model.
Giving as an Expression of Worship
If the New Testament places upon the Christian the obligation to “give” of his means unto God, and he neglects that responsibility, he has refused to worship his Maker, at least in that respect.
Is the Church a Reed or a Pillar?
A reed is a symbol of instability; a pillar signifies a solid, immovable foundation. The church of today must ask: “Are we a ‘reed shaken in the wind’ or are we the ‘pillar and ground of the truth’”?
Is the Bible Class Arrangement Scriptural?
Are Bible classes, commonly called “Sunday school classes,” in harmony with the holy scriptures? Some contend they are not, and they have divided the church over this issue. Take a fresh look at this subject with a biblically based, common sense approach.
Clapping as an Accompaniment to Singing in Worship
Does clapping with singing aid our worship with inconsequential zest or is it an addition to what has been commanded in scripture?
The Restoration of First-Century Christianity
Should we be trying to restore the New Testament pattern of Christianity? Or should we abandon the original ideal and modernize the church to keep up with the times?
Responding to Critics on the “Instrumental Music” Issue
In the past we have published several articles dealing with the innovation of using mechanical instruments of music in Christian worship. These essays have generated a flood of critical responses. We have categorized these defensive arguments, and in this article we offer our rebuttal.
Identifying the Church of the New Testament
Is it possible to rediscover the church of the New Testament in today’s world? Many sincere people have never considered this possibility. But is it possible?
Are Christians Required to Lift Up Holy Hands?
Should Christians raise their hands when praying?