The Tragedy of Racism
Many have been racist out of ignorance or weakness. Others, with a more ingrained disposition, have sought to defend it.
The New R-word Label
Racism is an insidious evil that lies at the root of much hate against both man and God.
Why Racists Hate Christianity
Christianity is viewed by promoters of hate and bigotry as an obstacle. Atheism, however, is not.
Timothy McVeigh and Capital Punishment
Do circumstances surrounding the execution of Timothy McVeigh argue for the elimination of the death penalty as a form of punishment for crimes against humanity?
Why Didn’t You Answer My Question?
When we initiated our Question & Answer column just over a year ago, we scarcely anticipated how popular this segment of our site would become. Some who submit queries may wonder why their inquiry has not appeared in this column.
Why Do Men Reject God?
Most people in the world, throughout the ages of history, have believed in some concept of a Supreme Being. Since unbelief is neither reasonable nor the norm, one cannot but wonder why some people become atheists.
What Is Propitiation?
The word “propitiation” is a strange and interesting word. It is worthy of our study and attention.
Are Genesis and Evolution Compatible?
The ACU Commentary and the Unity of the Book of Isaiah
Did Paul Sin in Submitting to the Temple Ritual?
One of the most controversial contexts in the book of Acts has to do with Paul’s activity in the Jerusalem temple, as recorded in Acts 21. Did the apostle violate the law of God in “purifying” himself in that ritual? Some so claim, but is this a necessary conclusion?
The Preacher’s Private Life: Study Habits
Our great need today is “prophets” — not promoters, pushers, psychologists, and pleasers. In this presentation, Wendell Winkler discusses the answer to this need — study.
A Subtle Argument for Bible Inspiration
The authenticity of Christianity is supported by evidence that is brilliantly subtle. An in-depth probe of this theme will inspire awe at the sanctity of the Scriptures.
The Significance of the Day of Pentecost
The Theological Implications of the Trial of Jesus – Part 2
Did Jesus receive a fair trial? Part 2 of this study documents the various blunders that characterized the farcical “trial” of the Messiah.
The Jesus Seminar – Part 1
A response to the Jesus Seminar propaganda, as featured by Peter Jennings on ABC’s special, In Search of Jesus
The Earth: A Planet Plagued with “Evil”
Though the earth was once a paradise, it is now a planet plagued with “evil.” Why are there so many problems within our earthly environment? Study this challenging issue with us in this month’s Feature article.
Some Character Traits of Paul, the Apostle
Paul, the apostle of Christ, was one of the most influential men of earth’s history. Reflect upon this remarkable man with us in this brief study.
What Does the Bible Say About Miracles?
What is a miracle? What is the purpose of miraculous signs? Are genuine miracles happening today? What about the “miracles” of the so-called modern “faith-healers”? Do these indicate a miraculous presence of the Spirit in modern times? Study this important topic.