Why People Believe in Evolution
People do not believe in evolution because they have been led there by solid evidence. They are stampeded into the Darwinian community by superficial, emotional, and personal factors.
Nine Scientists Look at Religion
Richard Dawkins, prominent atheist, classifies religious faith as a “virus of the mind.” He and others of his kind desperately need to contract this virus!
The Rationale for Evaluating Political Leaders
By what standard should one evaluate a political leader? Does the Bible shed any light on this question?
Stars: A Creation of Mass Production
The Psalmist affirmed that “the heavens declare the glory of God.” In this week’s Penpoints, Jason Jackson explores some of the wonders of the starry hosts that decorate the night skies.
Bee-havior Points to God
For centuries bees have been the objects of careful study by scientists. They are amazing creatures indeed (the bees that is), bearing the imprint of divine design in so many ways.
The Alleged Perpetual Virginity of Mary
The recent discovery of an ossuary (bone box) in Jerusalem that contained the phrase “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” has rekindled the controversy as to whether Mary had children other than Jesus. Catholicism claims she did not. What does the actual evidence reveal?
A Critical Look at Situation Ethics
How do you determine what is right and wrong?
Killer Kids
A critical look at a disturbing trend of violence in our youth
Simon, Simon
The complex life of the apostle Peter contains many valuable lessons for the child of God.
Marriage: As Designed by God
What is the origin and design of marriage?
An Accessory to Adultery
Can a person, though not actually involved in the commission of a sin, be an accessory to that transgression? Let’s think about it.
Alan Dershowitz, Jesus Christ, and Logic
Alan Dershowitz praised Jesus very highly as an enlightened Jewish rabbi, then added: “He’s just not my Messiah.”
The Devastating Effects of Divorce
The marriage principles found in the Bible have a purpose; they are designed for our benefit.
The Battle at Baylor University
This is a commentary over the battle currently taking place at Baylor University over the issue of creation science.
The Jesus Ossuary Inscription
Today, archaeology scholars have stunned the world by an announcement that an inscription, possibly bearing the name of Jesus Christ, has been found on a stone bone-burial box in Israel. If the find proves to be authentic, it will provide further striking evidence of the historicity of the existence of Jesus.
Were Old Testament Sexual Regulations Unreasonable?
It is commonly charged that certain documents of the Old Testament are unbalanced in terms of sexual matters? This allegation reflects a misunderstanding of the sacred text. This week’s Question addresses this matter.
Who Are the “Enemies of Truth”?
Richard Dawkins, a professor at Oxford University, declares that religion is the “enemy of truth.” Is this really the case? Or is it he and his philosophical companions who are the real enemies of truth?
The Value of Persecution
Have you ever been persecuted for your faith? Have you suffered the abuse of others for Christ?
Lessons from the Grand Canyon
Does the Grand Canyon provide visual testimony in support of the theory of evolution?
The Shocking New “Christian” Generation
Many analysts see some serious “flaws” in what is called “the new Christian generation.” It does appear there are serious problems with many who identify themselves with Jesus Christ.