1 Chronicles 2:13-15 – Jesse’s Sons

Wayne Jackson
Some may jump to the conclusion that the Bible contradicts itself with regard to Jesse’s sons. But such a conclusion is not necessary.

In the historical record of 1 Chronicles 2, there is a listing of the sons of Jesse, father of king David. Seven sons and two daughters are mentioned.

The problem is, in 1 Samuel 17:12 the writer says that Jesse had eight sons. Is scripture in conflict with itself on this point?

It is not necessary to jump to that conclusion. We have no specific information on this matter but it is likely that one of Jesse’s sons died early in life, leaving no offspring. Thus he would not be of significance in a genealogical listing.

Underline “seventh” in verse 13, and in your margin enter: Another son possibly died early; see 1 Samuel 17:12.