Help Me, Doctor!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this procedure is the floodlight it casts upon the “person” inside the womb.
By Jared Jackson | Christian Courier

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On August 19, 1999, Dr. Joseph Bruner operated on little Samuel Armas to repair a diagnosed fatal case of spina bifida at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. What was unusual about this surgery was that it was performed while Samuel was still inside his mother’s womb.

An incredible photograph taken during the surgery appeared to suggest that little Samuel was grasping on to Dr. Bruner’s finger. However, Dr. Bruner later suggested that was not possible because Samuel was anesthetized.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this procedure, however, is the floodlight it casts upon the “person” inside the womb. The fact is, as our technology advances, it is becoming apparent to more and more people just how human a fetus is.

The controversy that surrounded the photograph of Samuel clutching the surgeon’s hand sparked a firestorm of controversy regarding partial birth abortion.

This method of infanticide is practiced on near-term babies who are partially delivered (breech position), except for their head and shoulders. As long as part of the baby is in the womb, the law recognizes it not as a person but as a part of the mother. The executioner then inserts an instrument into the womb and delivers a fatal blow to the child.

President Bill Clinton voted against restricting this vile practice.

What is even more heart-breaking is that during ensuing debates in the House of Representatives, the practice of selling the body parts of these poor children was revealed.

Opening Lines, a company based in West Frankfort, IL., distributes to abortion clinics brochures and price lists for body parts. Documentation of this practice was presented in a debate of House Resolution 350, a Sense of the Congress resolution. The price list is a gruesome sight itself: livers ($150), kidneys ($150), arms (two for $150), brains ($999).

Could this be true? Would anyone be so depraved? As Job replied to Eliphaz, “Yea, ye would cast lots upon the fatherless, and make merchandise of your friend.” (Job 6:27).

Characteristically, the high-priestesses of “Molech” (see below) who work for Planned Parenthood, released a press statement following the debate alleging that this resolution was a production of “anti-choice extremists” based on “their desire to impose their personal ideological beliefs on all Americans. . . . Planned Parenthood will continue to support women who . . . donate fetal tissue after an abortion procedure. . . . Our medical futures . . . depend on such unselfish acts by courageous individuals.”

And we’ll pay only $325 for a spinal cord—not a penny more.

“Unselfish”—that was the word she used. The last thing abortion is—any aspect of abortion—is unselfish.

Flashback to Germany, 1944. A classified ad appears in the Berlin Times: “Lampshades For Sale: made of slightly worn, Jewish skin. More durable than cloth, easy to clean. Order yours today—shipped directly from Auschwitz.”

Yes, it is true. This is not the first time the body parts of murdered people have been sold. And, as in Hitler’s Germany, those who oppose such are censored.

Would you knowingly accept cornea transplants from an aged person you knew had been euthanized?

Would you accept a liver transplant from a person you knew had been executed in German death camps?

I expect you might be appalled at the suggestion.

But the aborted fetal tissue currently marketed for high dollars in the open market is being used of all things for the production of vaccines for common immunizations.

Christian parents should consider this very seriously as they try to make the right decisions for their children and for moral righteousness.

For more information, see:

Molech: The Israelites, at times of apostasy, made their children “go through the fire to Molech” (2 Kings 23:10). This pagan was the deity to whom human sacrifice was made, particularly in the Valley of Hinnom on the southwest side of Jerusalem at a site known as Topheth.