Disney: The Mouse Betrayed

Disney power-brokers deny “official dealings” with members of the “gay” community, but the evidence is overwhelming.
By Wayne Jackson | Christian Courier

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The above caption reflects the title of a recently published book written by journalists Peter and Rochelle Schweizer. The authors assert that this is not a volume which conveys their personal opinions; rather, it is a labor of strict journalism. The Schweizers did an investigative study of the Walt Disney enterprise.

In preparation for their book, they interviewed hundreds of former and current Disney employees. They talked extensively with law enforcement personnel. They studied hundreds of documents (many of which are reprinted in their book). They adamantly declare that they do not cite anonymous sources; those who supplied the testimony for this dynamic production were all willing to go “on the record.” The primary focus of the book has to do with Walt Disney World in Florida; there are startling revelations indeed.

Walt Disney World apparently has a significant problem with pedophiles (those who abuse children in sexual relationships). Numerous employees—from those who work on the animations, to costumed characters—have been arrested on child molestation charges. Actual Orange County Sheriff’s reports are included in the book. Moreover, according to official sources connected with Florida law enforcement, the Disney corporation refuses to address the problem responsibly. Peter Schweizer states:

When the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, [the] F.B.I., and other law enforcement officers set up a Task Force to train security personnel, [to] run undercover sting operations and share intelligence on pedophiles, every theme park in Florida signed up. . . except Disney.

A number of law enforcement officials even suggest that Disney has obstructed investigations (including some homicides)!

Much of this is really not surprising. It has been known for a good while, for example, that Disney caters to the homosexual community. For several years the Disney enterprise has allowed a “coming out party” for homosexuals—celebrated at the “Magic Kingdom” each June. Thousands of children have been exposed to this debauchery at Florida’s Walt Disney World.

Disney power-brokers deny “official dealings” with members of the “gay” community, but the evidence is overwhelming. Michael Eisner, chairman of the Walt Disney Co., Michael Ovitz, president of WD Company, and Joe Roth, chairman of WD Motion Pictures, are all board trustees of “Hollywood Supports,” a pro-homosexual group whose aim is to promote the “gay” lifestyle.

Disney’s ABC Network has presented, Two Mothers for Zachary, a movie sympathetic to lesbians. ABC also produced the infamous, though now defunct (thankfully!) sitcom, Ellen, which featured a real lesbian as the leading character, portraying a lesbian. The Disney Children’s Book Division has published a book, Growing Up Gay, which is designed to support “gay youngsters who were bred by heterosexuals.”

By the way, according to the Schweizers, Disney also owns one of the largest soft-porn distributors in the country. The conglomerate has exclusive deals with some of the most prominent pornographic stars of cinematic sewage.

Some of us who are older had our first exposure to the productions of Walt Disney via Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or perhaps Bambi. Those were the days when the Disney name was squeaky clean. Since then, however, a half-century later, a “Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” has ascended to the children’s entertainment throne.

Author, Perucci Ferraiuolo, in his recently published book, Disney and the Bible: A Scriptural Critique of a Media Conglomerate, says: “The Disney I grew up with and loved is not the Disney of today.” He says that in Disney productions: “Innocence is gone; morality is interpretive, family values are irrelevant,” and the American public is suffering the consequences.

We’ve come a long way since Bambi—a long way down!