New Video Promotes Homosexual Agenda

Wayne Jackson
A new video, designed to promote the gay-lesbian agenda, was shown at the White House in mid-December.

With its dying gasps, the current executive administration—perhaps the most degenerate in American history—is accommodating a final assault upon the traditional (biblically-based) family unit in an attempt to facilitate the homosexual agenda.

In mid-December, two San Francisco families were invited to the White House to screen a new video titled “That’s a Family.” The presentation is aimed at softening the public’s perception toward homosexual households.

According to a recent issue of the San Francisco Chronicle, the film, which was made to be shown to elementary and middle-school children across the country, depicts gay and lesbian parents, single moms, guardians, and adopted children. These latter situations are just so much window-dressing; the real agenda is the normalization of aberrant sexual conduct.

Several children are featured in the film. For example, twelve-year-old Fernando Calles, a sixth-grader who was to make the trip to Washington in the propagandizing entourage, and who was in the production, said:

I’m really excited . . . . Some people are prejudiced and stuff against different families, like gay families. It’s important to know that they can still be a family—it doesn’t have to have a mom, a dad, a son and a daughter.

Also in the retinue was Gregg and David—daddy and mommy!—along with their daughter, Breauna, another twelve-year-old.

What a travesty that innocent children are being brought up in such a perverted environment and exploited in this fashion.

The screening was scheduled for December 19 and was to be previewed by some 150 people—representatives from numerous groups that customarily deal with “children, families, and civil rights.” Discreetly, neither the president nor the first lady were to be present; one can absolutely count on the fact, however, that both of them gave their approval to the program.

President Clinton has done more to encourage the growing acceptance of the gay movement than possibly any other leading political figure alive. In fact, Debra Chasnoff, one of the film’s producers, said, “The film breaks new ground . . . as a resource for children that is inclusive of gay and lesbian issues.” She continued, “For the White House to embrace it in this way is tremendously significant.”

White House spokesperson, Victoria Valentine, attempted to downplay the meeting, suggesting that the administration merely wants to encourage “safety, school tolerance, and diversity,” without necessarily “endorsing the video” per se. Yeah, right!

Ms. Chasnoff also expressed some relief that she was able to accomplish her White House mission before President-elect George W. Bush takes office. She feels like access to the White House may not be as free-flowing to the gay community in the coming years. Let us hope so!

The plan of those promoting this pro-homosexual video is to have it shown in elementary and middle schools around the country. The ultimate goal, of course, is to condition the minds of our youth to accept same-sex relationships as perfectly normal social constructs.

It is the responsibility of every informed Christian to exert his influence against this corruption of the God-ordained family institution. The home, as designed by the Creator, is the foundation of society’s stability. Unravel the fabric of this sacred institution and national disintegration cannot be far behind.

Yes, one must speak the truth with kindness, compassion, and genuine love. But he must speak it. For far too many, silence means consent.

There is an old saying: “The creaking wheel gets the grease.” And those who clamor loudly for their base cause will achieve a measure of success if good people stand by and say nothing. We must not be intimidated by epithets of “homophobia,” “bigotry,” etc.