Luke 1:35 – Gabriel vs. Mohammed

The Qur’an teaches that Gabriel delivered a revelation of God to Mohammed. But Mohammed’s message contradicts the Bible in a multitude of passages. Here is one of those instances.
By Wayne Jackson | Christian Courier

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Elsewhere on our web site, we have discussed some of the peculiarities of Islam (see “Related Articles”). Briefly, we continue these thoughts here.

One of the glaring contrasts between Islam and Christianity is their respective views of Christ.Advocates of Mohammed’s system vehemently deny that God could have a Son.The Qur’an states:

“He is God, The One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, Nor is He begotten; And there is none Like unto Him” (Sura 112:1-4).

A footnote on this passage states: “This is to negative the Christian idea of the godhead, ‘the Father’, ‘the only-begotten Son’ etc.”

This negation is in direct contradiction to the explicit testimony of both Testaments of the sacred Scriptures.For example, the Lord’s “anointed” (Christ) declares: “Jehovah said unto me, You are my son, this day have I begotten you” (Psa. 2:7).

Again, Isaiah prophetically declared: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given...” (9:6).

When Mary was greatly troubled about the announcement that she would bear a son (knowing that she was a virgin), the angel Gabriel said to her:

“The Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow you: wherefore also the holy thing which is begotten shall be called the Son of God” (Lk. 1:35)

Two points are worthy of notice here.First, there is the unequivocal declaration that Jesus is the Son of God.Second, there is the fact that this testimony came from Gabriel.According to the Qur’an, Gabriel brought the revelation of God to Mohammed (Sura 2.97).Footnote 3224 states that the angel “came with the inspired Messages to the holy Prophet....”

In your Bible, underscore “Son of God” in Luke 1:35.In your margin write: Denied by Islam (Sura 112).Then note: See verse 26. Go to that passage and circle “Gabriel.”Make this notation: Alleged medium of Islamic revelation.

Gabriel’s testimony in Luke 1 clearly contradicts his purported message in the Qur’an.Either the Bible, or the Qur’an, is in error.The evidence — every shred of it — supports the Bible.