Romans 1:20 – The Testimony of Creation

As the inspired Paul affirms to the Romans, the natural world around us points to the existence and attributes of the Creator.
By Wayne Jackson | Christian Courier

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In Romans 1, Paul delivers a blistering indictment against the ancient pagan world. The heathen society of that day had drifted far from God. The darkness of idolatry had smothered out a true view of Deity. No excuse could justify such flagrant rebellion, and for the following reason.

“For the invisible things of Him [God] since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity” (1:20).

There are two important points worthy of notice here.

  1. The “things of God,” i.e., His non-moral attributes, are evident in the design of the Universe. The creation bears the marks of being “made.” It is not eternal; it was not self-generated. The mind that does not conclude that the Cosmos (that which is ordered) is an effect, which points to a powerful and wise Cause, is irrational.
  2. Evidence for the Creator has been available in the library of nature for man’s scrutiny “since the creation of the world.” There is no vast gap of time separating the initial creation from the commencement of the human family. Jesus Himself declared that man and woman have existed “from the beginning of the creation” (Mark 10:6).

Thus, bracket Romans 1:20, and in the margin of your Bible make two notations. 1. Creation demands a Creator. 2. Mankind has existed since the beginning of the creation; no room for evolution. Cf. Mark 10:6.