Why Couldn’t Jesus Perform Miracles in His Hometown?
When Jesus came to Nazareth, Mark says at that time, “And he could there do no mighty work” (Mark 6:5). If Jesus was truly the Son of God, why does it say he could not perform miracles in his hometown?
On January 31, 2000, we reported in an article titled Another Fossil Flub about the embarrassing admission National Geographic posted on their web site, January 24, 2000. Now, we learn there was more than just an accidental mix up.
Jesus Christ, the God-Man
In the phenonemon known as the “incarnation,” God (the Logos – John 1:1, known in the New Testament as “Christ”) became man. When he ascended back to the Father, did Jesus lay aside his “human” nature? This question deserves our careful attention.
What About the Bible and Slavery?
Does the Bible condone slavery? If so, how does the Christian reconcile this with the biblical concept of the intrinsic worth of every human being as a creature made in the image of God?
Was There Forgiveness Under the Law of Moses?
Why was forgiveness promised to the Israelites when the New Testament says their sacrifices could not provide forgiveness for sins?
Christianity Today Editor Just Doesn’t Understand
An associate editor of ChristianityToday.com has severely criticized the teaching methods of Jesus. In doing so, he has reflected upon himself far more than he has the Lord.
An Atheistic Assault upon the “Design” Argument
An atheist thinks he has crafted an ingenious argument against the time-tested concept of “design demands an intelligent designer.” But his reasoning is logically flawed and internally inconsistent.
Did Jesus Christ Exist in the Form of God on Earth?
Was Jesus fully God or less than fully God while he was on the earth?