Prophetic Portraits of the Messiah
The Old Testament has much to say about Jesus Christ. The following outline will prove helpful in learning more about our Savior.
How Did the Samaritan Woman Know About the Messiah?
A Samaritan woman told Jesus that she knew about the coming Messiah. How did this lady know this fact?
The Pentateuch: The Cornerstone of Scripture
The first five books of the Old Testament are invaluable for the serious Bible student – in many different ways. Jason Jackson discusses these magnificent documents.
Crushing the Serpent’s Head: The Meaning of Genesis 3:15
In Genesis 3:15, God announces that the serpent’s head will be crushed by the seed of woman. What is the meaning of this intriguing prophecy in the book of Genesis?
The Gospel in Miniature — In the Book of Revelation
The book of Revelation ignites a confidence in the soul of every child of God — of any century. What a thrilling ray of hope this must have generated in the hearts of those early, suffering saints. Truly, it is the “gospel in miniature.”
Satan: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid To Ask
Is Satan an actual living, personal being? What does the Bible reveal about this malevolent enemy of God and man?
Hebrews 2:1 – Giving Heed to the Gospel
It is quite apparent that when one “gives heed” to the Lord’s will, he obeys the gospel.
A Study of Biblical Types
One of the most fascinating areas of Bible study is that of typology—the study of Scripture “types.”
The Amazing Unity of Scripture
The literary unity of the Bible is evidence of Divine inspiration.
Adam Clarke & Albert Barnes: Scholars from the Past
Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes were famous Bible commentators of a by-gone era. This “human interest” piece discusses some little-known facts about these distinguished gentlemen.
Hebrews 9:5 & Romans 3:25 – Christ Jesus: Our Propitiation
An interesting word in the Bible is “propitiation.” It is often translated “mercy-seat.” There is a connection between the imagery of the Old Testament system, and our Savior’s role in the redemption of man.
Solomon’s Basin and “Pi” — A Bible Error?
Does the Bible contain a mathematical error relative to the dimensions of Solomon’s temple basin? Critics so claim, but what are the actual facts?
Jude 1 – The Possibility of Apostasy
The book of Jude argues forcefully against the misguided notion that no child of God can ever be lost.
THE GOLDEN TEXT: A Study of John 3:16
John 3:16 is often called the “golden text” of the Bible. Many hold this passage very dear. Tragically, the text is more often than not misunderstood. In this study, we take a close look at this amazing passage.
The Belly Button Argument
A gentleman recently attempted to negate the divine proclamation that God made heaven and earth, and everything therein, in six days (Exodus 20:11). His argument can best be characterized as “belly button” logic. We here review it briefly.
Christian and “Higher Education”, The
Youngsters who attend secular educational institutions frequently are confronted with seriously erroneous teachings. How do they deal with these dangerous situations? It doesn’t have to be a hostile encounter.
A Simple Study of the Word “If”
One of the first forms of logical reasoning that children learn is the significance of the particle, “if.” Unfortunately, many forget the meaning of the term in adulthood — especially in religious matters.
More Skull-Duggery
In July, 2002, another “sensational” fossil discovery was announced. A skull had been found that supposedly thrust humans back some six million years. What are the actual facts regarding this matter?
Is a Literal Interpretation of Genesis 1 Important?
Does it really matter how one interprets Genesis 1, so long as he believes the basic truth that God was the Creator?
An Invitation to a Wayward People
What will it take for a wayward nation to repent? Perhaps this lesson from ancient Israel is a helpful reminder.