The Spirit of Generosity — A Study in Contrasts
In this study, we would like to call attention to some biblical contrasts with reference to the matter of generosity versus stinginess. It is an enterprise which will reveal, quite astoundingly, how God views these traits.
The Holy Spirit “Illumination” Theory: A Critical Review
Must you be “illuminated” by the Holy Spirit before you can understand what he wrote?
Acts 13:2 – The Holy Spirit, A Person
This and numerous other New Testament verses establish the fact that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person.
New Testament Baptism: In Water or the Spirit?
Are we baptized in the Spirit or in water?
Does the Operation of the Spirit Precede Faith?
Do John 1:11-13 and John 8:47 teach that a person must have a direct operation of the Holy Spirit in order to believe the gospel?
1 Samuel 10ff – Saul’s Apostasy
The first king of Israel’s fall from grace can serve as a warning for us today.
A Message from John
It is not an uncommon thing that a Bible verse, which seems so simple, can be so deep and brimming with meaning. Such surely is the case with the apostle John’s tender message in 1 John 2:1-2. In this week’s Penpoints, we contemplate this thrilling passage.
Was Jesus the Son of God Eternally?
There is a popular belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God from all eternity. But is that theory correct? The following study argues otherwise.
Loving Life; Seeing Good Days
Do you love living? Are your days “good” ones or “bad” ones? Your manner of living and your attitude can make a difference.
3 John – The Church Boss
Study how the apostle John dealt with Diotrephes — who displayed an attitude that is still a problem in the church today.
Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
Have you ever heard of a “Christian Bar”? Jason Jackson considers the ethics of an “anything-goes” approach to evangelism.
Why Would a Loving God Send Us to Hell?
Is the doctrine of eternal punishment in hell consistent with the idea of a good and loving God?
Spiritualism — A Deadly Movement
Thousands of people labor under the illusion that some are able to contact the dead? What is to be said of such attempts? Is this merely a harmless superstition. Study this issue with us.
Are Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit “God” in Nature?
A church leader teaches that both Christ and the Holy Spirit were created by God. He denies that Jesus and the Holy Spirit possess the nature of deity. What should be done by the faithful of that congregation?
The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment
The truth regarding eternal punishment.
1 Timothy 1:20 – Delivered unto Satan
What does Paul mean when he stated that he had delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan? What great sin warranted this action?
Does God Condone Lying?
Did God cause people to lie by sending “lying spirits” to deceive?
What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “Receive Ye the Spirit”?
On the Sunday of his resurrection, Jesus said to certain disciples, “Receive ye the Spirit.” What is the meaning of this cryptic text?
The Christian and Depression
In spite of relative prosperity, better health, and considerable freedom, many people (even Christians) suffer with depression. What does the Bible say about depression? Is there a spiritual solution for this mental state?
Spiritual Warfare Is Real, Difficult, and Dangerous
The devil is after us. He wants us to join him in hell’s fire. In Ephesians 6:12-18, the apostle Paul pleads with Christians to take the devil’s malicious plans seriously. He calls upon us to appropriate the only available means to stand against the wiles of Satan — the whole armor of God. Such will make us strong in the Lord.