The Ravaging of the Earth
There is great concern about the growing depletion of earth’s natural resources. Many, however, do not realize who has contributed significantly to this problem. Read this article and identify the culprits.
Matthew 16:19 — Binding and Loosing
Despite the assertions of the Roman Catholic Church, there is no biblical evidence for the “primacy of Peter” doctrine. Study with us one of the passages that is misused to support this heresy.
Binding and Loosing
The Roman Catholic church claims that Jesus Christ gave Peter the authority to bind and loose religious law. Matthew 16:19 is a record of this occasion, they say. Was Peter singled out to become the first pope in this passage?
Revelation 7 & 14 – The 144,000
How should one interpret the use of the numeral 144, 000 in the book of Revelation?
The Earth: A Planet Plagued with “Evil”
Though the earth was once a paradise, it is now a planet plagued with “evil.” Why are there so many problems within our earthly environment? Study this challenging issue with us in this month’s Feature article.
All Good People Go to Heaven — No Matter What?
The nation’s attention was riveted to the testimony of nine coal miners who had been trapped deep beneath the earth’s surface in Pennsylvania. One miner expressed concern for his soul, since he’d never been baptized. Another assured him that he was okay — but was he? Jason Jackson discusses this episode in this week’s Penpoints.
Who Are the 144,000 of Revelation 7 and 14?
The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” teach that only 144, 000 people will gain heaven. They base their doctrine upon passages that are found in the book of Revelation (chapters 7 & 14). Who are the 144, 000 mentioned in these texts? Is the number literal or figurative? Study this article.
The Starbucks Agenda: Want some “theology” with your latte?
Want some twisted “theology” with that early morning steaming latté? You can obtain it at Starbucks.
The Ascension of Christ: A Most Significant Event
While the resurrection of Christ is generally recognized as the foundation of Christianity, his ascension is equally significant.
Luke 11:50 – The Earth, Mankind, and Jesus Christ
Evolutionists claim the earth is much older than mankind. What is the Lord’s position on that topic?
Did Jesus Christ Exist in the Form of God on Earth?
Was Jesus fully God or less than fully God while he was on the earth?
You’ve Heard of the Patience of Job
Job serves world-over as an example of perseverance despite limited knowledge. But when that knowledge is “The Lord is compassionate and merciful,” it is enough.
Do the Ages of the Earth and Mankind Really Matter?
Do the relative ages of the Earth and mankind really matter? Is the issue important? Many say, “no.” But what does the Bible indicate?
Solomon’s Reflections on Death
In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon reflected on some of the issues pertaining to death. His observations conflict with many modern religious ideas.
What Happens to a Person at Death?
What happens when you die and your soul is separated from your body? There are diverse views about this matter. Here is one for your study and reflection.
Critical Theory Attacks Genesis 1 and 2
The liberal voices in the school of “Critical Theory” frequently assert that there are two accounts of creation in Genesis. This article answers this attack.
The Regeneration – A Study of Matthew 19:28
What is the meaning of that ambiguous expression “the regeneration” that Christ mentioned in Matthew 19:28? Is it a reference to a thousand-year, literal reign of Christ upon the earth? Or does it describe the present Christian regime? Study this passage with us.
The Papacy and Mark’s Significant Omission
The Roman Catholic Church teaches the dogma of the “primacy of Peter.” Does the Gospel of Mark hold a key piece of evidence pertaining to this controversy?
Did Christ Abolish the Law of Moses?
Did Jesus say that the law of Moses including Sabbath observance would last until the end of the world?
Stars: A Creation of Mass Production
The Psalmist affirmed that “the heavens declare the glory of God.” In this week’s Penpoints, Jason Jackson explores some of the wonders of the starry hosts that decorate the night skies.