The Creation “Days” – Literal or Figurative?
This article attempts to determine the meaning of the term “days” in connection with the creation week.
Romans 8:21 — Creation Delivered
In what sense will the “creation” be delivered from corruption? Does the creation itself, including the stars, planets, rocks and trees, really long for the return of Christ?
Does Matthew 18:20 Sanction Personal Assemblies?
Does Matthew 18:20 sanction the practice of forsaking the Lord’s day assemblies, in deference to private assemblies for social or recreational purposes? Some so claim, but what is the contextual significance of this instruction from Christ?
Jesus Christ – The Righteous Warrior
The most common impression of Jesus is that of a loving, tender, compassionate Savior. But there is another side to that “coin” — the one portrayed in Revelation 19:11ff.
Is the Law of Moses (Torah) Still Binding?
Is the law of Moses still binding, or was it abolished by the death of Christ? Paul contends for the latter; some apparently dispute with him. Let us look at the evidence.
The Tower of Babel: Legend or History?
The book of Genesis is a narrative dealing with “beginnings,” as the title of the document indicates. One of the beginnings in Genesis is the record of how human beings came to speak different languages.
Ezra 1:2 – Cyrus the Deliverer
Cyrus was motivated by Isaiah’s prophecy concerning him. This may be an interesting example of the workings of providence.
Does the Bible Refer to UFOs?
Does the Bible talk about UFOs? What is the meaning of Ezekiel’s prophecy of a “wheel within a wheel”? Had the prophet seen a flying ship from outer space?
When the Creation Is Delivered
In Romans 8:19-23, Paul addresses the hope that eventually the creation will be set free from the “bondage of corruption into the liberty of the glory of the children of God.”
Y2K and Millennial Mania
Will the turn of the century mark the beginning of Christ’s reign on Earth?
Genesis 1 and Dinosaurs
Is it possible that dinosaurs and humans inhabited the same early earth? If so, why aren’t dinosaurs mentioned in Genesis 1? Study this issue with us.
What Is Meant by “the Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect”?
What is the meaning of that phrase in the book of Hebrews, “the spirits of just men made perfect”? In order to understand the expression, the surrounding context must be examined. This study does that.
The Left Behind Series
This is a review of the Left Behind book series by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, which advocates dispensational premillennialism.
A New Edict from the Vatican
This editorial discusses the recent Vatican affirmation regarding the “primacy of Peter.”
The Cyrus Decree
After the Jews had spent seventy years in Babylonian Captivity, Cyrus, king of Persia, issued a decree permitting them to return to their homeland. It was an amazing event in ancient history.
The Great Commission According to Matthew
One of the last instructions Christ gave to his apostles was to go make disciples of all the nations. In this article, we review the account of this solemn command as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20.
Why Is King David’s “Grocery List” in the Bible?
Critics claim the Bible is filled with irrelevant material. Is there any purpose in seemingly trivial information in God’s Word?
Gog and Magog — What Is the Meaning of Revelation 20:8?
Who is this “Gog and Magog” that threatens God’s people in Revelation 20:8?
False Ideas Regarding Death
False notions about death permeate society’s thinking. Is death just an illusion? Is reincarnation a reality? Will we recognize each other after death? What about purgatory or speaking with the dead? What does the Bible say about these common beliefs about the dead?
Be Still and Know That I Am God — Revisited