A Footnote on the Mary Winkler Case
A recent book by renowned crime journalist, Ann Rule, has a one hundred-plus-page discussion of the 2006 sensational Mary Winkler case—the woman who shot her minister husband in the back. This is a brief review of Rule’s conclusions.
Did Mary, Jesus’ Mother, Ever Sin?
Did the mother of Jesus ever sin?
Is the Virgin Birth of Jesus Grounded in Paganism?
Is the story of Christ’s “virgin birth” really a rehash from ancient paganism?
Matthew’s Account of the Virgin Birth
Matthew records eleven arguments establishing the virgin birth of Christ — an important doctrine related to Jesus’ divine nature.
Mary’s First Communion
What did Mary meditate on during communion?
What About Catholicism’s Ideas About Mary?
Why does the Catholic Church place such great emphasis upon Mary, the mother of Christ? Is this proper?
Modernism and the Virgin Birth of Christ
Does the biblical evidence support John D. Crossan’s claims that Jesus was not virginally conceived?
The Alleged Perpetual Virginity of Mary
The recent discovery of an ossuary (bone box) in Jerusalem that contained the phrase “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” has rekindled the controversy as to whether Mary had children other than Jesus. Catholicism claims she did not. What does the actual evidence reveal?
When Infidelity Fashions Faith
A person’s faith should be fashioned by the Holy Scriptures. Unfortunately, many have allowed their beliefs to be forged in the furnace of unbelief. Many do not realize how much liberalism has shaped their approach to the Bible.
Jesus Christ – A Family Portrait
In addition to being the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth had a human family. A consideration of family details is a thrilling and rewarding investigation.
Matthew 2:19-20 – The Death of Herod the Great
Do the Events at Cana Justify the Worship of Mary?
Is has been said that at the marriage feast in Cana of Galilee, Mary made a request of Jesus, and that he obeyed. This is supposed to show that she is worthy of praise and worship due to the influence she exercises over her Son. What are the facts?
RU-486: Murder by Mouth
This editorial discusses the new abortion pill, RU-486.
Flesh and Blood Did Not Reveal It
Is there any evidence that Jesus really was the Son of God?
The Historicity of Jesus Christ
Did Jesus of Nazareth ever live? Is the New Testament data regarding him reliable? This is a crucial issue.
The Mormons Seek a Face Lift
The Mormons hope to shed the name “Mormon” in creating a new image.
False Teaching Regarding Mary
This article discusses the false doctrine of the “immaculate conception” of Mary, mother of Jesus.
Examining the Four Gospels
Why are there four gospel accounts that cover so much of the same material? Are the records harmonious or do they conflict?
Did Isaiah Prophesy the Virgin Birth of Christ?
What is the truth about Isaiah 7:14? Did Isaiah prophesy about a “virgin” or a young maiden? Was he talking about something in his day, or was he speaking of the birth of Jesus? Was Matthew mistaken?
Luke, the Beloved Historian
The preface to Luke’s Gospel account is packed with exciting information that lays the foundation for the credibility of his specifically designed narrative relating to the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. In this week’s Penpoints, Jason Jackson directs our attention to some of these matters.