Is God “Schizoid”?
A writer suggests that the “God” of the Old Testament is harsh, while the “Christ” of the New Testament is gentle. This circumstance, he alleges, constitutes a conflict with reference to the nature of God. Does it? Examine this issue with us.
May a Woman Ask a Question?
This question discusses whether or not a woman may ask a question in a Bible class without violating the Scriptures.
Galatians 4:4-5 – The Fullness of Time
The conditions of the first century world attest to the wonderful planning of God.
Hebrews 11—What Is Faith?
Hebrews chapter 11 is a biblical record of faith. The examples listed there are our road map to understanding true faith.
Amos 1:1-2:3 — Judgment upon the Nations
The judgment pronounced on pagan nations by Amos the prophet point to the accountability of all people to the laws of God.
Is the Bible True?
The October 25th edition of U. S. News & World Report carried a sensational cover story titled “Is The Bible True?” The most significant thing about Jeffrey Sheler’s article, perhaps, is this: it reveals the telling concessions that even the most left-leaning thinkers are forced to make.
Matthew 19:24 – The Rich and Heaven
Can the wealthy obtain Heaven?
Genesis 1:1-2 – The Gap Theory
Some point to Genesis 1:1-2 as a biblical basis for the Gap Theory. Yet a brief study of the grammar of this passage shows there is no such basis.
Some Contrasts Between the Nature of the Mosaic System and Christianity
The Mosaic system was preparatory to the coming of the Christian system. While the two systems were complimentary, there are significant differences.
Created in the Image of God
As a potter fashions clay into a vessel, the book of Genesis affirms that mankind was “created” in the very image of God. He is not the product of an ancient slime pit.
Did Paul Sin in Submitting to the Temple Ritual?
One of the most controversial contexts in the book of Acts has to do with Paul’s activity in the Jerusalem temple, as recorded in Acts 21. Did the apostle violate the law of God in “purifying” himself in that ritual? Some so claim, but is this a necessary conclusion?
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword — Part 3
The Lord expects his disciples to demonstrate a loving disposition, while, at the same time, defending the truth vigorously. All of us to some extent, have made errors in both of these areas. And sometimes, we do more harm than good when attempting to defend truth with incorrect reasoning. This is part three in a three-part series, “Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword.”
The Silence of Scripture: An Argument for Inspiration
What the Bible doesn’t tell us is an indication of its supernatural origin.
Was God Cruel to Animals?
This is a response to those who may be critical of God for his command to Israel that they hock the horses taken in battle.
Mark 7:19 – Unclean Meats
Many religionists still hold that there are unclean meats that should not be eaten. What does the New Testament teach?
Mark 11:20 – Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
Does Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Mark 11 reveal a “dark side” to the Savior? Not at all. Wayne Jackson explains this curious passage.
Portraits of the Christ
The book of Hebrews is a marvelous treatise revealing the superiority of Christ and his New Covenant system over that of the preparatory Mosaic regime. The first chapter presents some fascinating portraits of the Lord Jesus.
Is the Restoration Plea Valid?
Perhaps the answer to a decline in Christianity is to restore the church as found in the New Testament.
1 Chronicles 15:2 – The Law of Silence
Many today strongly contend that the silence of the Bible is not prohibitive. However, a comparison of some Old Testament passages indicates otherwise.
Jesus, Cursed by God
What is the symbolic meaning behind the statement that Jesus was hung on a tree when he was actually hung on a cross?