Young Jesus Asks a Question
Even at the age of twelve, Jesus demonstrated remarkable insight into his mission.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is the title of a documentary movie that premiers across the nation on Friday, April 18. We encourage our readers to see this presentation.
Was Paul Mistaken in Galatians 6:10?
A Christian lady has suggested that Paul was mistaken when he recommended benevolence, first to Christian, then to non-Christians. Is the criticism reasonable?
The Truth about The Da Vinci Code
The so-called Da Vinci Code has been the topic of animated conversation for some time. What are the facts about this mysterious “code”?
Are the New Testament Books Historically Credible?
While uninformed modern critics continue to question the credibility of the New Testament documents, the evidence continues to pile up which establishes their genuineness.
Why Does Hebrews 8:13 Use the Present Tense?
Some Bible students are puzzled that the writer of Hebrews uses present tense forms (8:13) to depict the passing of the Mosaic law. How are these to be explained in light of Bible teaching elsewhere that the law of Moses was abolished by the death of Christ (Eph. 2:15)?
Can Man Forgive Sins?
Does any man have the right to forgive sins? Some suggest that Jesus granted this authority to the apostles, and then, through them, to others (see John 20:23). Can you explain this passage?
What is the difference between Bible dispensations and the doctrine of dispensationalism?
Some preachers talk about the dispensations of the Bible. Then they condemn dispensationalism. What’s the difference?
Christian Ethics and Legal Maneuvering
Christians are not only responsible to the laws of God, they are accountable to the laws designed to protect society. A relationship with Christ does not exempt one from legal culpability.
Atheistic Religion in the Classroom
In spite of frequent cries for the separation of church and state in our public school system, a great deal of religion has been smuggled in under the guise of science.
Teaching Kids to Cheat
Jerry Plecki was a high school teacher in the Chicago area. Five years ago he was the centerpiece of a scandal that rocked the Chicago public school system. This past week, his story was featured in a made-for-TV movie, “Cheaters.”
Alfred Edersheim on Ancient Society
This editorial discusses the comments of the Jewish scholar, Alfred Edersheim, on the moral character of first-century Roman society.
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword — Part 3
The Lord expects his disciples to demonstrate a loving disposition, while, at the same time, defending the truth vigorously. All of us to some extent, have made errors in both of these areas. And sometimes, we do more harm than good when attempting to defend truth with incorrect reasoning. This is part three in a three-part series, “Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword.”
Does Ezra Deserve Criticism?
After the return from Babylonian captivity, Ezra commanded certain men to put away their foreign wives. A professor in a Christian college has criticized the man of God for this action. Is the censure justified? Let’s take a look.
Was the Sabbath a Divine Requirement from the Time of Creation?
Was the seventh-day sabbath a divine requirement from the seventh day of creation onward? Some so claim, but the evidence is lacking. Study this issue with us.
O Absalom — My Son, My Son!
The tragic story of King David’s infamous son, Absalom, conveys many valuable lessons.
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword — Part 1
Can we do more harm than good when defending the truth with incorrect reasoning?
New Video Promotes Homosexual Agenda
A new video, designed to promote the gay-lesbian agenda, was shown at the White House in mid-December.
The Plague of Profanity
The saying “curse like a sailor” no longer has any meaning. Profanity has become so common, the saying might as well be, “curse like a housewife.”
The Influence of Home Life
Does the home influence the religious development of children?