The Plague of Profanity
The saying “curse like a sailor” no longer has any meaning. Profanity has become so common, the saying might as well be, “curse like a housewife.”
Profanity – A Biblical Assessment
The Bible does not lay down a prohibited vocabulary list, but it certainly contains guidelines that will assist the devout person in using speech that is well-pleasing to the Lord and to others.
Sanitizing Entertainment
A family video store near Salt Lake City edits videos for the very reasonable price of only five dollars.
Force-Feeding Obscenity to Our Youth
Do public school officials have the right to force students to read materials that they or their parents deem to be morally offensive?
Mark 11:20 – Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
Does Jesus’ cursing of the fig tree in Mark 11 reveal a “dark side” to the Savior? Not at all. Wayne Jackson explains this curious passage.
Elisha and the Lads of Bethel
The incident in 2 Kings 2:23-24 of Elisha, the bears, and the mocking lads has been cited by atheists in an attempt to involve the Bible in moral difficulty.
Is Taking an Oath in Court or Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Forbidden?
Does James 5:12 prohibit a Christian from “swearing” to tell the truth in a court of law? What about saying the Pledge of Allegiance?
Answering the Fool
Answer a fool. Don’t answer a fool. What is the right thing to do?
Some Lessons From Church History
Church historians agree that many changes in faith and practice occurred over the last two thousand years, with many negative consequences. Is this religious mindset still affecting the followers of Christ today?
The Power of Speech for Good or Evil
Speech is a very special gift from our Creator. It is a fresh challenge each day to channel our words for good.
Voting: Option or Obligation?
Some allege that voting in elections is a Christian obligation. Others contend that it is an option, but not an obligation? Where does the truth lie? May Christians disagree on this issue without dissension?
The New R-word Label
Racism is an insidious evil that lies at the root of much hate against both man and God.
Why Did Jesus “Curse” the Fig Tree?
The New Testament records an episode where Jesus “cursed” a fig tree. Many people are disturbed with reference to this incident. What is the meaning behind this strange circumstance?
Paul’s Discourse to the Elders at Ephesus
As Paul concludes his third missionary journey, he pauses at Miletus to meet with the elders of the church in Ephesus. His words are filled with admonition and exhortation, and they contain many wonderful truths needed by today’s church. This month’s Feature deals with the apostle’s address.
Three Dimensions of Love
The greatest commandment ... love.
Loving Life; Seeing Good Days
Do you love living? Are your days “good” ones or “bad” ones? Your manner of living and your attitude can make a difference.
Why Do Good People Do Bad Things?
Have you ever heard of a good person who has done a very bad thing? Why does this happen?
False Charges Against Christ