King and Company Go Transdenominational
Obviously, feeling the solitude imposed by a disciplinary procedure, these false teachers now are crossing over into denominationalism, freely fraternizing with, and employing the services of, a host of sectarian teachers.
The Menace of Radical Preterism
A brief review of the heretical doctrine of realized eschatology
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword — Part 3
The Lord expects his disciples to demonstrate a loving disposition, while, at the same time, defending the truth vigorously. All of us to some extent, have made errors in both of these areas. And sometimes, we do more harm than good when attempting to defend truth with incorrect reasoning. This is part three in a three-part series, “Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword.”
Did the Law of Moses Continue until A.D. 70?
Did the law of Moses continue to be binding upon non-Christian Jews up until the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70? While some, who designate themselves as “realized eschatologists” so contend, there is no biblical support for this bizarre theory.
The Ascension of Christ: A Most Significant Event
While the resurrection of Christ is generally recognized as the foundation of Christianity, his ascension is equally significant.
Growing Doubts about the Resurrection of the Dead
There have always been those who found the concept of the bodily resurrection incredible, i.e., unbelievable, and their modern counterparts are appearing increasingly—even in today’s church.
Resurrection: Literal or Merely Symbolic?
When the New Testament speaks of the resurrection, is it speaking of a literal resurrection of the body or merely a “symbolic” resurrection?
Larry King Hosts Pat Boone, Max Lucado, and Others
Pat Boone appeared on Larry King Live to ask for prayers and miracles on behalf of his grandson. Is his faith misdirected?
False Ideas Regarding Death
False notions about death permeate society’s thinking. Is death just an illusion? Is reincarnation a reality? Will we recognize each other after death? What about purgatory or speaking with the dead? What does the Bible say about these common beliefs about the dead?
Back to Biblical Kindergarten
Some Christians have never graduated out of biblical kindergarten.
This Generation Shall Not Pass Away
Are the visible signs of Matthew 24 indicators of the Lord’s Second Coming or of a conflict that would occur within the life span of “that generation”?
Was the Lord’s “Second Coming” in A.D. 70?
A major problem with the A.D. 70 doctrine is in explaining clear Bible passages which depict the Lord’s return in a visible manner, which did not occur, of course, in A.D. 70.
Who Is Paul’s “Man of Sin”?
Who is the sinister “man of sin” mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2?
What Is the Meaning of “Shortly Come to Pass”?
Does this key phrase from Revelation 1:1 mean that John’s prophecies would all be fulfilled within a short time span?
A Study of Matthew 24
Matthew chapter twenty-four is a largely symbolic chapter of the New Testament that has been misinterpreted in two extreme directions.
1 Timothy 1:20 – Delivered unto Satan
What does Paul mean when he stated that he had delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan? What great sin warranted this action?
The Resurrection of the Human Body
There have always been those who found the concept of the bodily resurrection incredible.
A Study of Last Things
The term “last” is applied to several different things in the New Testament. There are valuable lessons for you to think about embedded in these descriptions.
The Biblical Concept of Sleep
The concept of “sleep” is used in many ways in the Bible. A study of these usages yields many valuable lessons.
The Divine Benefits Package — A Study of Psalm 103
Human beings generally are concerned about the benefits package associated with their employment. God’s “benefits package” is marvelous beyond description, as Psalm 103 reveals. This study considers the marvelous benefits bestowed upon the children of God.