Acts 15:9 — Hearts Cleansed by Faith
Some religious folks assume that this passage teaches that salvation is given upon the basis of faith alone — without additional acts of obedience. This is a tragic mistake.
Did Mary, Jesus’ Mother, Ever Sin?
Did the mother of Jesus ever sin?
Will God Bring All Sins into Remembrance?
Will God remember all sins on the day of judgment, even those once pardoned?
A Critical Look at Situation Ethics
How do you determine what is right and wrong?
The Trashing of Human Life
The only way one can consistently argue for the sanctity of human life is to ground his case in the ultimate moral law which proceeds from the sovereign Creator of the universe.
The Sweet Fragrance of a Subtle Argument
After Christ was taken down from the cross, Nicodemas, a disciple, brought spices to scatter within the folds of the Lord’s burial wrappings. Certain women also came to the tomb on that Sunday morning, intending to anoint the crucified corpse. What evidence do these accounts subtly supply? Consider this matter with us.
The Second Death — Separation or Annihilation?
There is a growing movement in “Christendom” to repudiate the biblical doctrine of a “hell” that is characterized by everlasting torment, as a result of being separated from God. This is a deadly position that must be opposed vigorously.
The Pain of Lingering Regrets
Every sensitive soul is troubled from time to time by regrets that linger regarding past deeds in his life. There is a wrong way and a right way to deal with regret. Think about this matter with us in this week’s Penpoints article.
What About Social Drinking and the Old Testament?
Does the Old Testament provide precedent for “social” drinking today?
1 Peter 3:4 — The Incorruptible Spirit
The Scriptures teach that human beings have a spirit/soul that is capable of suffering everlasting punishment.
The Christian and Depression
In spite of relative prosperity, better health, and considerable freedom, many people (even Christians) suffer with depression. What does the Bible say about depression? Is there a spiritual solution for this mental state?
What Is Worldliness?
The term “worldly” is not uncommon in our language. But what does the word really signify?
The Emotions of Jesus
In addition to possessing a divine nature, Jesus Christ was also flesh and blood (John 1:14), a human being. He thus shared with us the full range of human emotions.
Be Still and Know That I Am God — Revisited
The Bible and Self-Esteem
Does the Bible contain the secret to a health self-image?
Matthew Henry: Commentator for the Common Person
Matthew Henry’s commentaries on the Bible have been popular for some three centuries. They provide devotional material that refreshes the spirit. The Bible student may wish to know something of Henry’s background.
Created in the Image of God
As a potter fashions clay into a vessel, the book of Genesis affirms that mankind was “created” in the very image of God. He is not the product of an ancient slime pit.
The Divine Pattern of Acceptable Worship — Part 1
What is acceptable worship? This article is the first in a two-part series.
When Does a Human Person Begin?
Does a human person begin at conception, uterine implantation, viability, birth or at some point after birth?
A Tale of Two Cities
Why are some receptive to the gospel, and others so hostile? A case study of two groups may help to clarify the problem.