Straight Talk About Homosexuality

Jason Jackson
Homosexuality is not the fun and free lifestyle that the media images we see everyday portray. It is a destructive and damnable pattern of behavior that is characterized as sinful rebellion against our Creator. But it can be overcome.

The Almighty does not discriminate. All sin is horrible, as demonstrated by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Penitents are saved because their sins are forgiven through the gospel, but others will die lost rebels.

Although God proved his love by giving his Son to die for the world, many choose to stay in their sins, doing “their own thing.” The Moral Judge gives sinners the opportunity to change. His patience is salvation for some, but others wax worse and worse.

You recall the words of the Spanish-born philosopher about learning from the lessons of history? Long before George Santayana graduated from Harvard, Abraham saw the smoke rising from the cities of the plain. Many in Washington forget about Sodom. Many in America do not believe the Bible’s account of Gomorrah — to their shame.

Measure a society by what is considered “normal,” and our’s is not unlike those “tolerant” cities of antiquity. Perversion is glorified. Sodomy is “the way God made me.” Must we debate the design of private parts? One proof of our degenerate world is this confusion over the anatomical compatibility of male and female.

Homosexuality is more than a confusion over private parts. That depressing lifestyle involves a struggle with serious psychological issues. Many individuals have resolved their problems, renounced homosexuality, and found healing. We pray for these people. But please understand that we are presently addressing the truth about homosexuality.

Am I a bigot — a homophobe? One individual advised that the church ought to be addressing the real perverts —child molesters, rapists, and domestic abusers. Nobody of sound mind justifies these crimes. Society is rushing to defend, however, the homosexual lifestyle.

Homosexuality is now an equal rights issue. Political advocacy groups, legislators, activist judges, the media, Hollywood, and some public schools, press to legitimize the behavior. “Gays” can’t help who they are, they say. Supposedly, we must respect their “sexual orientation” as a matter of nature.

Some will object to this article, even though they are not themselves partakers of the sodomite “lifestyle.” It is not “politically correct” to call homosexuality “sin.” Therefore, any discussion that evaluates the morality of the matter is characterized as “gay bashing.”

I am sorry that these rebuffed individuals may be more offended by this article than an evil lifestyle. I am sorry that such persons are more disturbed at the tone, than they are the filth that is taught to some school children. I regret that these people may have their sensitivities offended by this “unloving” diatribe, but they are not repulsed by shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, by the ACLU, and by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

It is time that we are disturbed by the kind of rebellion that brought down fire from heaven. For the moment, I am not writing to the penitent person who is struggling with homosexuality. I am not outlining the steps for sexual purity as a counselor. I am not addressing every kind of sin —so as to be fair and balanced. I am talking about one point. Many in society are bending over backwards to promote this wicked practice —a lifestyle that indicates the erosion of moral objectivity.

Homosexuality is wrong (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). The Bible describes it as strange fornication (Jude 7). It is extreme rebellion against God’s design of humanity as male and female (Romans 1:26-27). It cannot be overlooked, but it can be overcome.

A young man was convicted of child molestation. He objected to the charge since the 16-year-old victim “consented” to the 25-year-old’s homosexual propositions. When asked if he intended to seek counseling, the convicted felon disclosed his reluctance. He was uncomfortable with counselors who are “off” on baptism. How conservative! Never mind that counselor and counselee would agree that homosexuality is destructive, degrading, and damnable.

Now, let me talk to the sincere person who is suffering from years of sinful, homosexual choices. One does not have to agree with the theology of an auto mechanic in order to have his car repaired. Consider the following. If a “Christian” psychiatrist has experience in counseling those who have lived in sexual perversion, then one should seek whatever help is available.

Get a referral for a qualified counselor. Call Dr. Bill Flatt of Memphis, Tennessee (through Harding Graduate School of Religion). He has been involved in this type of counseling for decades. Find someone with the moral foundation and professional experience to help you leave a horrible lifestyle —the truth shall set you free.

The gospel freed some who were lost in homosexuality in Corinth (1 Corinthians 6:11). The blood of Christ still offers hope and healing for the penitent sinner.