The Falwell-Gay Alliance

Wayne Jackson
Jerry Falwell is calling for a more charitable view, he says, towards the “gay” community.

Falwell, extending an “olive branch” to about two hundred homosexuals who attended the meeting (together with some two hundred “straight” denominationalists), insisted he has not altered his basic view that homosexual conduct is sinful. Rather, he is only calling for a more charitable view, he says, toward the “gay” community.

Cal Thomas, a syndicated conservative columnist, has commended Mr. Falwell, suggesting that the minister was but following the example of Jesus. Thomas contends that “Few are attracted to the Gospel through condemnation.”

Apparently Paul did not know that! (see Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Unless one is aware of God’s condemnation of his evil, he will feel no need for the gospel.

We believe both Falwell and Thomas have “missed the boat” in this matter.

No one, who honors the teaching of Jesus Christ, approves of violence upon any segment of society—no matter how vicious or perverted they may be. Christians are to love the souls of all people, even those who have dredged themselves into the deepest recesses of vileness. (See The Death of Matthew Shephard).

In demonstrating a Christ-like love, however, it is scarcely necessary to “join forces with the homosexual community” (as Falwell described his effort) in co-effort to combat human abuse.

In the first place, the homosexual segment of society wants far more than a simple restraint of violence against them. They intend to thrust their aberrant lifestyle upon the rest of us, with all of its hideous baggage (e.g., AIDS and a variety of other sexually-transmitted diseases—which they’ve accelerated across the nation in recent years). With an in-your-face agenda, they want the legalization of same-sex marriages and a whole host of additional fringe benefits for “domestic partners.” Huge corporations have been brow-beaten by this wanton sub-culture, feeling pressure to yield to the cries of this crowd, or else be charged with bigotry and a “homophobic” mentality. All sorts of legislation is being crammed down the nation’s collective throat due to the militancy of the homo-element and their Hollywood constituency. They want to be viewed as a bona fide minority with all sorts of special privileges.

It is therefore one thing to argue that no one should act viciously toward any sinful person; it is quite another matter to throw one’s arms around an organized movement in a cooperative effort that bestows upon it some sort of “spiritual” credibility.

To give you an idea of Falwell’s looseness, the minister relates this story. He tells of being asked by a media spokesperson: “What would you do if one of your sons told you, ‘Dad, I’m gay.’?” The cleric said his response would be: “While I do not approve of the lifestyle you have chosen, I love you unconditionally; this is still your home. And while I pray that I can lead you back to normalcy, nothing has changed in our relationship” (emphasis added).

I was intrigued by Falwell’s statement, and so sent him a short note, courteously asking a couple of questions. I inquired whether or not he believes that one who adopts the lifestyle of a practicing homosexual has had his “relationship” with the Lord altered. Further, I wanted to know if Falwell believes that if a Christian degenerates into sexual perversion, and dies impenitent in that state, will he be saved regardless? (cf. 1 Corinthians 6:9).

Predictably, there was no response to my inquiry. But then I understand how busy he must be.

The fact is, Falwell’s Baptist theology, namely that a child of God can never be lost—no matter what he does—compromises his entire position with reference to this great evil that is so corrupting our beloved country.

This minister may think he is helping the homosexual problem, but I assure you he is not. He is legitimizing the movement as a viable national force.

Moreover, the even more tragic truth is, Jerry Falwell is not preaching a genuine message of redemption to these misguided people. His dogma of “salvation by faith alone” is a departure from biblical truth (Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; 22:16; Romans 6:3-4; Galatians 3:26-27, etc.), and offers nothing but a false hope.