Paul’s First Recorded Sermon
The first recorded sermon of Paul occurred in Antioch of Pisidia (see picture of historical ruins). Some were converted, many were not.
Attacking God’s Plan of Salvation
Scholarly sources may be helpful, but good Bible students recognize any human source can be biased or flawed. God’s Word is the ultimate standard of faith and practice.
Earth: Young or Old? Does It Matter?
Is the earth billions of years old? Does it matter? What does the evidence reveal?
Never Man So Spoke
What made Jesus the greatest teacher of all time?
Heaven, The Home of Our Soul
Heaven is a place prepared for a prepared people.
Three Precious Lessons from the Book of Ruth
The story of Ruth ... and three precious lessons from this memorable book from the Old Testament.
Five Things that Will End When Christ Returns
The apostle Paul’s reference to “the end” in 1 Corinthians 15 examined.
God’s Amazing Qualities
The attributes of God are wonderful thoughts on which to meditate.
Can a Christian Walk Away from God?
Many believe that a Christian can never be lost. But what does the Bible say?
A brief survey on worship as taught in the Bible.
God’s Tear Bottle
David’s emotional appeal for God to treasure up his tears is a reminder to all God’s children of how much he cares when we are hurting.
Alexander the Great: An Amazing Example of Prophecy and Providence
The prophecies of Alexander the Great’s victories over various nations and the subsequent providential fulfillment are an interesting study of God’s control of national events.
The Christian and Bribery
Biblical ethics would never allow the faithful Christians to engage in practices commonly known as bribery.
Young Jesus Asks a Question
Even at the age of twelve, Jesus demonstrated remarkable insight into his mission.
Your Land, O Immanuel
The interesting land of Israel plays a prominent role in the coming of Christ.
Did Jesus Promise to Send the Comforter to Me?
Do Christians today receive the Comforter as promised by Christ in the gospel of John?
The Amazing Unity of Scripture
The literary unity of the Bible is evidence of Divine inspiration.
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Doctrine of the Deity of Jesus Christ
A comprehensive exposé of the Jehovah’s Witness denial of the deity of Jesus Christ.
The Elders’ Duty of Watchfulness
Watchfulness over the flock is one of the most serious responsibilities of the eldership.
Why Is King David’s “Grocery List” in the Bible?
Critics claim the Bible is filled with irrelevant material. Is there any purpose in seemingly trivial information in God’s Word?