What About Moderate Social Drinking?
This article responds to a number of arguments which attempt to defend the practice of social drinking.
Does the Bible Recommend Drinking Alcoholic Beverages?
Does the Bible recommend that the use of alcoholic beverages can be of assistance in fighting depression? Some have misinterpreted Proverbs 31 to this end.
Coping with Problems
The Bible provides answers to many of our problems.
What About Social Drinking and the Old Testament?
Does the Old Testament provide precedent for “social” drinking today?
Was the Fruit of the Vine Fermented?
What should be the nature of the fruit of the vine used during the Lord’s supper?
What About Alcoholics Anonymous?
What is your opinion of Christians who attend AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings or treatment centers to stop drinking?
Did Paul Sanction Social Drinking?
Why did Paul instruct Timothy to use wine with his water. Does this sanction the social consumption of modern beverage alcohol?
Exploiting Human Weakness: A Look at Vice Taxation
Christians need to oppose wrong-doing on the basis of principle, rather than capitulating to compromising crumbs thrown to us from the tables of politicians.
New Gambling Studies Highlight Age-old Problem
A recent study reveals the destruction caused by gambling.
John 2:1ff – The Wine that Jesus Made
What was the nature of the product of Jesus’ first miracle at Cana?
The Devastating Effects of Divorce
The marriage principles found in the Bible have a purpose; they are designed for our benefit.
Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
Have you ever heard of a “Christian Bar”? Jason Jackson considers the ethics of an “anything-goes” approach to evangelism.
What Are Transubstantiation and Consubstantiation?
What is the difference between the doctrines of “transubstantiation” and “consubstantiation”?
Hand me a pill; my syndrome is bugging me!
Some protest the use of illegal drugs by a glazed-eyed sub-culture, all the while popping pills daily to cope with a variety of problems common to humanity.
Can a Christian Ever Be Lost?
May a Minister “Opt Out” of Social Security?
Is it a violation of ethics for a minister to “opt out” of the Social Security program?
Sam Morris on Rum and Eternal Ruin
A Baptist journal recently published an article by the late Sam Morris on the ravages of rum. But how does the article compare with another composition by Morris, which asserts that no sin will condemn the Christian’s soul?
Addicted to Me
Meth ... pot ... fentanyl ... or “ME”? Which addiction has more victims?
Can You Feel the Love?
Some of the most mean-spirited people in the world are those who “ooze” with that sickening sentimentality that talks of love while demonstrating everything but. Why don’t you take a few moments and, over our shoulder, take a look at some of our mail?
A Lesson from the Leech
What can we learn from a blood-sucking leech?