Chicago’s Oriental Institute – Biblical Archaeology
If you are interested in Bible archaeology, you will not want to miss visiting the famous Oriental Institute, should you be in the Chicago area. It is one of the finest museums in the country, containing a great treasure of artifacts related to Bible lands.
Nebuchadnezzar and Archaeology
This article examines archaeological evidence confirming facts presented in the Bible.
Archaeology and the Book of Jeremiah
The science of archaeology has provided a tremendous depository of evidence that undergirds the historical accuracy of the Holy Scriptures. One example of this involves a number of significant discoveries that corroborate the accuracy of the book of Jeremiah.
Abraham – A Case of Old Testament Accuracy
Several important achaeological discoveries demonstrate once again the uncanny accuracy of the Bible.
Uniqueness of the Biblical Creation Record, The
The ridiculous creation fables of mankind only serve to emphasize the genuineness of the Genesis account of the beginning.
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New Archaeological Discovery—The “Temech” Seal
A few days ago news sources announced the discovery of a stone seal from the rubble of Jerusalem that relates to a family name in ancient Jerusalem. Read about this fascinating “find.”
Daniel 3:6ff – Did They Really Burn People?
Were the events in Daniel chapter 3 recorded accurately? Archaeology once again confirms the authenticity of the Bible.
The Saga of Ancient Jericho
A study of Joshua’s great victory over the ancient city of Jericho
What About Baptism on the Day of Pentecost?
Some allege that some 3,000 people could not have been immersed on the day of Pentecost because: (a) There was not enough time for twelve apostles to accomplish that feat; (b) There was not enough water in Jerusalem to accommodate such a great multitude.
The Acts of the Apostles — from Jerusalem to Rome
Paperback; 473 pages; A verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Acts written on the popular level.
Do the First Two Chapters of Genesis Contradict One Another?
A reader feels there may be some conflict between the first two chapters of the book of Genesis. But is this the case? Take a closer look at the supposed problem.
Bible Accuracy
“To err is human.” This truth is forcefully illustrated when one examines the literary productions of mankind. Amazingly, however, the Bible is unblemished by the flaws that generally characterize man’s writings.
A Tough Journalist Looks at the Case for Christ
Lee Strobel became convinced that the evidence for the identity of Jesus as the Son of God is rock solid. His book is the record of his intriguing journey from atheist to believer.
What Was that “Light” before the Sun (Genesis 1:3)?
Is the Bible incorrect in referring to the existence of “light” before the creation of the sun? What was that mysterious “light” on the first day of Earth’s history?
Does Archaeology Prove that Baptism May Be Administered by Sprinkling?
The claim is commonly made that ancient literary documents, supported by archaeological discoveries, sustain the idea that “sprinkling” was an accepted form of ancient “baptism.” Examine this issue with us in this month’s Feature article.
Ron Wyatt, the “Indiana Jones” of the SDA Church
Prior to his death in 1999, Ron Wyatt frequently made tabloid news with his sensational claims of astounding archaeological discoveries. But what is the real story behind such boasts — still made by some of his disciples?
Jesus’ Prophecy and the Destruction of the Temple
Shortly before his death, Christ informed his disciples that the Jewish temple would be destroyed, and not one stone would be left upon another. Some claim the prophecy failed. What are the facts?
Reports of Evidence for the Genesis Flood
This article addresses recent reports of possible evidence in the Black Sea for the Genesis flood.
Who Were the Nephilim?
This article addresses the identity of the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:4.