Three Prayers of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in prayer is a common theme in the Bible. This article focuses upon three “tenses” of prayers of thanksgiving.
Advice to Aspiring Writers
Some friendly advice to aspiring Christian writers from a man of experience.
Was Cornelius Saved Without Baptism?
Was Cornelius, the Roman centurion of Acts chapter ten, saved before and without baptism?
The Creation “Days” – Literal or Figurative?
This article attempts to determine the meaning of the term “days” in connection with the creation week.
Jessie “The Body” Ventura Takes a Dive
While Mr. Ventura has enjoyed some initial popularity, his polls have taken a sharp dip.
What Was the Nature of Cain’s Sin?
What was Cain’s sin? Weakness, lack of faith or downright rebellion?
May Christians Observe Holidays?
May a Christian be involved, in any way, with holidays that have pagan origins?
We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Often we deceive ourselves, thinking that we can escape immediate consequences. After all, we can change someday — some convenient season. Actually, we can not avoid the destructiveness of habitual sin (Hebrews 3:12-13). Let us learn from several who were caught in the act that we might always take sin seriously.
Stranger? Or Family and Friend?
What a thrilling concept it is to transition from being a stranger to becoming a citizen, indeed, a family member and a “friend.” Our Lord once said: “You are my friends if you do the things which I command you” (John 15:14).
Can a Man Justify God?
The sacred historian Luke once declared that some of the Jews “justified God” when they accepted the immersion administered by John the Baptist (Lk. 7:29). How could this possibly be? Can a man “justify” God?
Straight Talk About Homosexuality
Homosexuality is not the fun and free lifestyle that the media images we see everyday portray. It is a destructive and damnable pattern of behavior that is characterized as sinful rebellion against our Creator. But it can be overcome.
Buy a Sword?
When Jesus said, “Buy a sword,” what did he mean?
So Help Me God
In the opening moments of the senate impeachment trial of President William Jefferson Clinton, ninety-six-year-old Strom Thurman asked the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court to place his hand on the Bible, and swear, before Almighty God, that he would execute faithfully his duties as judge in the legal business in progress.
Should “Weak” Christians Be Disfellowshipped?
Should Christians who are merely “weak” be subject to the disfellowship process?
A Philosophy for Christian Living
The damaging effects of sin and the rigors of the Christian life can seem overwhelming. But in Philippians 3:13-14, the inspired apostle Paul sets forth an uplifting approach to life.
When Goodness Is as the Morning Dew
The prophet Hosea described ancient Israel’s goodness as like the morning dew. What did he mean by this strange analogy?
False Charges Against Creationism
The Crucifixion of Christ: The Real Emphasis
Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” continues to generate controversy —especially the prolonged scenes of violence. How does this emphasis compare to the Gospel accounts of the death of Christ? Read this week’s Penpoints for a discussion of this matter.
Sincere but Wrong—Dead Wrong
John Wayne “Punkin” Brown Jr. was a preacher for a Pentecostal-type church. He’s now dead. He still would be alive but for the fact that he believed false doctrine.
Ishmael or Isaac? The Koran or the Bible?
Did Abraham offer Ishmael or Isaac? The Bible and the Koran differ on this issue. Which book is really divine revelation? Does it matter?