Elijah, Prophet of Confrontation
Elijah was one of the great prophets of Old Testament history. Like all of us, he was a man of mixed qualities. Overall, he contributed significantly to the unfolding of Heaven’s plan of redemption.
Will Heaven Be on Earth?
There is a popular view that “heaven” will be on “earth,” after our planet has been purged by fire at the end of time. This theory is wholly without merit and results from a failure to understand the symbolic nature of several passages of scripture.
A Divine Platform for Christian Unity
In Paul’s letter to the saints in Ephesus, there is a marvelous platform for Christian unity. In this article, Wayne Jackson discusses the components of the plan for sacred unity.
Understanding the Sense of Bible Words
Words can take on different senses depending upon the context in which they are found.
What Does the Bible Say About the Origin, Nature, and Role of Angels?
Why do Christians believe in angels? What does the Bible actually say about the existence of angels, their origin, nature and role as God’s ministering spirits?
Is the Gospel of Thomas Real or Fake?
Some scholars continue to insist that the so-called “Gospel of Thomas” is as authentic as the canonical Gospel records. What are the facts of this matter?
Learning to Trust God
Is there anything I can do to stop worrying and learn to trust God?
Ignore this Lesson and You’re History!
It is unfortunate that so many think they can trifle with the Creator of the Universe and not be held accountable. What a tragic mistake this is.
Are the Unfaithful Still “Christians”?
When a child of God abandons his faith, is it still appropriate to refer to him as a “Christian”? What is the significance of this revered name?
Facts About the Second Coming of Christ
One of the most dominant themes in the New Testament is the second coming of Christ. Over the centuries, numerous false ideas have confused many regarding earth’s final event. Here are some facts about our Lord’s return...
Heaven, The Home of Our Soul
Heaven is a place prepared for a prepared people.
Jonah 1:1-2 — The Prophet’s Commission
God’s commission to the prophet Jonah provides insight into the nature of God and our relationship to him.
Will “Hell” Be Destroyed Eventually?
There are some who teach that the wicked will not be required to endure an “eternal punishment” (see Mt. 25:46) in hell. They argue that since “hell” is the “second death,” and as “death” is to be “destroyed,” it follows that hell will be destroyed ultimately. In this week’s Question and Answer segment, Wayne Jackson responds to this fallacious argument.
Islam and the Enemy
It has been charged that both Christianity and Islam are religions of violence. In this article, the teachings of these two systems, regarding how to treat one’s enemies, are laid side by side.
The Holy Spirit and the Apostles
The Holy Spirit was promised by Christ to his apostles for their special work.
The Last Supper
Poignant words concisely spoken are echoed in worship assemblies every Lord’s Day. In remembrance of him, Christians recall the words of Jesus, “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many unto remission of sins” (Matt. 26:28).
The Dynamics of the Doxology
A “doxology” is an eruption of praise offered to deity. It glorifies God and is a commentary on the piety of the dedicated soul. Study this topic with us in this week’s Penpoints article.
The Little Horn of Daniel’s Sea-beast
Exactly who, or what, was this infamous “little horn”?
Will There Be Personal Recognition in Heaven?
Will we recognize friends and loved ones in Heaven?
Is God Exclusive?
God determines who is to be identified as a Christian; he has not assigned that responsibility to us.