God and the Nation of Israel
What role does the nation of Israel play — past and present — in the plan of God? Does their illustrious past have any relevance today or in the future?
Can God Be Seen?
How does one reconcile Bible passages which suggest that some “saw” God, but, on the other hand, God cannot be “seen”?
Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!
Why would someone claim that babies are awful creatures?
The Ascension of Christ: A Most Significant Event
While the resurrection of Christ is generally recognized as the foundation of Christianity, his ascension is equally significant.
When Silence Is Eloquent
During his trial before Pilate, Christ boldly confirmed that he was a king, but that his followers did not fight—a bold claim since hours earlier one of his disciples attempted to decapitate a government official. Why, then, was this one little statement by Christ not exploited by his enemies?
Jesus: The Master Teacher
The greatest teacher who ever lived was a carpenter from Nazareth. His benevolent influence is beyond dispute by even his critics.
The Song Police
Some songs certainly are unscriptural. But we should be sure that we do not irrationally object to songs based on our own misunderstanding of the Scriptures.
What Is the Meaning of Matthew 10:23?
Matthew 10:23 is a difficult text that has generated much controversy among Bible students. Just what is the meaning of the Lord’s statement, that the apostles will not have evangelized all the cities of Israel, “till the Son of man comes”? Wayne Jackson discusses this problem in this week’s Question segment.
The Me-First Syndrome
It seems that everyone these days is afflicted with a “syndrome.” Though that term is considerably overused and misused, there are some spiritual maladies that might appropriately be called a “syndrome.” In this article we address one of these.
Will Christ Reign Forever?
Some New Testament passages indicate Christ’s reign will end at some point. Others indicate it will last forever. Is this a contradiction? Can these passages be reconciled?
Christian Priorities
What does Jesus expect from his disciples?
New Testament Baptism: In Water or the Spirit?
Are we baptized in the Spirit or in water?
Ezra 1:2 – Cyrus the Deliverer
Cyrus was motivated by Isaiah’s prophecy concerning him. This may be an interesting example of the workings of providence.
Acts 10 & 11 – Was Cornelius Saved before Being Baptized?
Was Cornelius, the Roman centurion, saved before and without baptism? Some so claim.
What About the Iraq “War” Controversy?
As war clouds loom on the horizon, many wonder what the “Christian” position should be regarding this conflict. In response to a question, Wayne Jackson discusses some general biblical truths that relate to this matter.
A Faith-Building Study From Daniel 11
The eleventh chapter of the Old Testament book of Daniel is an amazing testimony to the inspiration of the Bible and the wisdom of God. Join us as Jason Jackson conducts a study of this great text wherein prophecy proves inspiration and divine revelation brings hope.
The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
On Sunday, before his crucifixion on Friday, Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. The crowds worshipped him. What was the significance of the momentous event? Study this episode with us; it is rich with precious truths.
Denominationalism: Permissible or Reprehensible?
Many folks within the domain of “Christendom” applaud the system of “denominationalism.” But does the “denominational” principle have the approval of Scripture?
When Goodness Is as the Morning Dew
The prophet Hosea described ancient Israel’s goodness as like the morning dew. What did he mean by this strange analogy?
Do We Have a Choice About Salvation?
Throughout God’s word, the responsibility of mankind to make a choice between serving God and Satan is clearly set forth.