Three Prayers of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in prayer is a common theme in the Bible. This article focuses upon three “tenses” of prayers of thanksgiving.
Who Is the Mysterious Shiloh?
This article is a discussion of the mysterious passage in Genesis 49:10-12. Especially, who was Judah’s “Shiloh”?
John 6:27-29 – The “Work” of Faith
A remarkable passage in John demonstrates that a human response is required in God’s plan of salvation.
When the Son of Man Comes
Are you ready? Are you a sheep or a goat? The Judgment Day is certain, and only through the teaching of Scripture can we prepare for it. The Lord’s teaching of Matthew 25:31-46 must be considered in view of the inevitable Day of the Lord.
Was Cornelius Saved Without Baptism?
Was Cornelius, the Roman centurion of Acts chapter ten, saved before and without baptism?
Are the Gospels a Part of the New Testament?
Some allege that the Gospel Accounts—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—reflect Old Testament legislation, and therefore these books do not constitute an authoritative body of instruction for Christians. This article addresses the fallacy of this kind of reasoning.
S. D. Gordon’s “Dispensationalism”
Was the death of Jesus Christ a part of God’s eternal plan for human salvation? Amazingly, some have contended it was not—contrary to the explicit testimony of Peter (see 1 Peter 1:19-20).
Micah 1:1 – The Doom of Samaria and Jerusalem
Study the historical background of the Old Testament book of Micah, prophet of God.
What Happens To A Person At Death?
What happens when you die and your soul is separated from your body? There are diverse views about this matter. Here is one for your study and reflection.
1 Peter 1:3,4 – The Heavenly Hope
Where is the hope of the righteous to be eternally realized — on earth or in heaven? The Bible’s answer is very clear.
Making Sense of the Bible
The Bible is the most important book one could ever read. And it is possible to understand it, when the great plan of the Bible is taken into consideration. Wayne Jackson walks through the 66 books of the Bible and highlights the message and purpose of each inspired text.
A Breathtaking View of the Love of Christ
Because of his overflowing love for humanity, could it be that Jesus chose to forever be identified with us in some way?
What About the Thief on the Cross?
If the thief on the cross could be saved without being baptized, why cannot people today do the same?
A Survey of the Major Prophets
The Major Prophets represent the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel.
Five Things that Will End When Christ Returns
The apostle Paul’s reference to “the end” in 1 Corinthians 15 examined.
The Establishment of the Church of Christ
Was the church of Christ established on the day of Pentecost? Or was it established at some earlier time in human history?
Acts 2:21 — Calling on the Lord’s Name
All who wish to enjoy the remission of past sins will call on the name of the Lord by obeying the gospel plan of redemption. In no other way can one receive pardon.
Luke 1:32,33 – Did Luke Make a Mistake?
In his book Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, & Morality, Steve Allen notes a “mistake” in Luke’s record of the life of Christ.
What Happened to the Ten “Lost” Tribes?
The Northern Kingdom of ancient Israel is frequently referred to as “the ten lost tribes.” But were they ever lost? They were not—some cultic theories to the contrary notwithstanding.
Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?
The Mormon doctrine concerning the church is a maze of confusion and contradiction.