2 Samuel 23:2 — Verbal Inspiration
In what sense is the Bible “inspired”? This passage affirms that the very words of the Bible are God’s.
Modernism and the Virgin Birth of Christ
Does the biblical evidence support John D. Crossan’s claims that Jesus was not virginally conceived?
Isaiah 7:14 – Did Isaiah Prophesy the Virgin Birth of Christ?
Many liberal theologians, who do not believe in the predictive prophecy of the Old Testament, argue that the term “virgin” should be translated “young maiden.” Is this true?
The English Standard Version
Wayne Jackson reviews the new English Standard Version translation of the Bible.
The ACU Commentary and the Unity of the Book of Isaiah
Wilbur Smith’s Remarkable Book
Professor Wilbur Smith’s book, Therefore Stand, created a sensation when it was published in 1945. Largely unknown today, it deserves a resurgence of interest as theological modernism runs rampant in the current world of “Christendom.”
Did Mark Make a Mistake?
Was Mark confused regarding the identity of “Philip,” the first husband of Herodias?
How Do You Explain Joshua’s Long Day?
Can the devout Bible student believe in the Old Testament account of a longer-than-normal day, during the time of Joshua? Was this a miracle, or just a poetic expression?
Did Paul Sanction Social Drinking?
Why did Paul instruct Timothy to use wine with his water. Does this sanction the social consumption of modern beverage alcohol?
What Are the Unicorns and Satyrs Mentioned in the Bible?
Bible critics have charged the sacred book with mistakes in that the King James Version mentions both “unicorns” and “satyrs” — both of which are mythical creatures. How does the student of the Scriptures respond to this alleged difficulty?
The Historicity of Jesus Christ
Did Jesus of Nazareth ever live? Is the New Testament data regarding him reliable? This is a crucial issue.
Who Is the Mysterious Shiloh?
This article is a discussion of the mysterious passage in Genesis 49:10-12. Especially, who was Judah’s “Shiloh”?
Israel’s Exodus from Egypt
One of the great scenes of Old Testament history is the exodus of Israel from Egyptian bondage. In this article, we wish to consider four aspects of this epochal event — the date of the exodus, the visitation of plagues upon Egypt, the passover, and the passage through the Red Sea.
Critical Theory Attacks Genesis 1 and 2
The liberal voices in the school of “Critical Theory” frequently assert that there are two accounts of creation in Genesis. This article answers this attack.
Reports of Evidence for the Genesis Flood
This article addresses recent reports of possible evidence in the Black Sea for the Genesis flood.
Clergyman Attacks Bible — Is Ousted
Derek Stanesby was expelled from the pulpit where he often was invited to speak, because he attacked the Bible, denying that it is the “word of God.”
Radical Criticism and “Christian” Education
What is “radical criticism” and how has this philosophy affected “Christian” colleges and universities? This theme is addressed in this week’s Penpoints.
Are Christians Required to Lift Up Holy Hands?
Should Christians raise their hands when praying?
The Holy Scriptures—Indestructible
The Bible has survived the vicious attacks throughout its existence and continues to be the best-selling publication in the world.
A Study of Biblical Types
One of the most fascinating areas of Bible study is that of typology—the study of Scripture “types.”