The Influence of Evolution upon Religion
How has Charles Darwin’s popular theory of origins influenced religious thinkers?
Scientists “Xerox” First Human
A week ago, scientists in Massachusetts announced that they have cloned the first human being. Many are protesting this attempt to “play God.” But how are they arguing their case?
Roman Catholic Professor Denies the Resurrection of Christ
A Roman Catholic scholar, Professor Thomas H. West, has renounced the doctrine of the resurrection of Christ in a newly published book. There is nothing fresh in his approach. It is the same old infidelity that has been around for centuries.
Miracles in the Book of Acts
When we think about miracles in the New Testament, we often consider the miracles of Christ in the Gospel accounts. There are, however, many miracles recorded in the book of Acts. A survey of these miraculous works is worthy of our reflection.
Don’t Get Old!
Some people despise their accelerating agedness. Growing old ought to be the most rewarding time of one’s life. Perhaps these thoughts will help you.
ACU: Stronghold of “Radical Criticism”
Abilene Christian University (Abilene, Texas) is rapidly departing from the strong base upon which it was founded. A reckless breed of mavericks flaunts the new course it has charted.
The Truth about The Da Vinci Code
The so-called Da Vinci Code has been the topic of animated conversation for some time. What are the facts about this mysterious “code”?
David’s Prophecy Regarding Judas
The apostle Peter declared that David issued a prophecy regarding Judas Iscariot. Did he? If so, what are some of the lessons to be learned from that inspired declaration?
What Is Modernism?
I frequently see writers refer to what they call “modernism.” Exactly what do they mean by this term?
Is the Bible Creation Account a Myth?
Is the common claim that Genesis 1 is merely an ancient myth accurate?
Singin’ the Blues
To many, the fact that modern society appears to be immersed in filth and debauchery portends nothing but gloom. Others look on the brighter side and attempt to seize the opportunities.
John Shelby Spong: Anglican Nightmare
John Shelby Spong, a retired bishop of the Anglican Church, has made a career of being a rogue “priest” who assaults almost everything that is sacred within the Christian religion. His outrageous ideology has been an embarrassment to many of his Anglican kinsmen. This week’s Penpoints focuses upon some of Spong’s theological aberrations.
Congregational Autonomy: Not a Shield for Error
The Scriptures teach that each congregation of the Lord’s body is under self-rule, but with limitations. Sadly, some do not recognize these limitations and jeopardize their fidelity to sound doctrine.
The Crucifixion of Christ: The Real Emphasis
Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” continues to generate controversy —especially the prolonged scenes of violence. How does this emphasis compare to the Gospel accounts of the death of Christ? Read this week’s Penpoints for a discussion of this matter.
The Belly Button Argument
A gentleman recently attempted to negate the divine proclamation that God made heaven and earth, and everything therein, in six days (Exodus 20:11). His argument can best be characterized as “belly button” logic. We here review it briefly.
A Feud Among Evolutionists
Stephen J. Gould of Harvard University was probably the most militant opponent of Christianity in the nation in the late 1990s. But his popular combative rants against creation got him in hot water from his evolutionary companions, a modern-day feud among friends.
Cyrus the Great in Biblical Prophecy
A study of Cyrus the Great and his role in biblical prophecy
Luke’s Accuracy – Some “Unfinished Business”
Bible critics have charged that Luke 2:1-3 is rife with historical errors. Yet the following points more than vindicate the great historian.
Does Exodus 21 Sanction Abortion?
It is sometimes claimed that Exodus 21:22-23 provides evidence that a fetus is not entitled to the same legal protection as the mother, and, therefore, is not treated as an equal “person.” Is this an accurate exegesis of the text?
Times That Try Our Souls
Division “contrary to the doctrine” of Christ is wrong (Romans 16:17); but division, consistent with the Lord’s teaching, is not. Let faithful men and women work for a church that is united—but united upon the basis of biblical truth, not sectarian compromise (John 17:17).