Who Are the Pure in Heart?
What is the meaning of the expression “pure in heart,” in Christ’s promise that the “pure in heart” shall see God? Does this mean that sincerity alone is sufficient to finally obtain heaven?
The Authorized Elements of Church Music
Jesus declared that “worship” must be consistent with revealed “truth” (John 4:24), namely God’s word (John 17:17). This includes the musical engagement of the church.
Is Taking an Oath in Court or Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Forbidden?
Does James 5:12 prohibit a Christian from “swearing” to tell the truth in a court of law? What about saying the Pledge of Allegiance?
Christian Priorities
What does Jesus expect from his disciples?
The Tongue: One of Man’s Most Dangerous Weapons
The human tongue is a dangerous weapon and exceedingly difficult to control. Let us consider some various forms of speech condemned in Scripture.
Aid or Addition — What Is the Difference?
If the church sings to the accompaniment of an organ, those thus participating have added something to what the Lord prescribed.
Concerning Dogs and Hogs
Christ once warned against giving that which is holy to dogs, and casting pearls before swine. But how many heed his admonition?
Never Man So Spoke
What made Jesus the greatest teacher of all time?
The Value of Waiting on Jehovah
The Bible promises a wide array of blessings upon those who have the patience to “wait upon” the Lord. Consideration of this theme will pay rich dividends.
The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
On Sunday, before his crucifixion on Friday, Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. The crowds worshipped him. What was the significance of the momentous event? Study this episode with us; it is rich with precious truths.
The Biblical Concept of “Time”
What is the biblical concept of time? In this article, we explore several ideas associated with time from a biblical perspective.
Did Christ Abolish the Law of Moses?
Did Jesus say that the law of Moses including Sabbath observance would last until the end of the world?
The Agony of Gethsemane
As Jesus prayed on the mount of Olives, “his sweat became as it were great drops of blood falling down upon the ground” (Lk. 22:44). Did blood actually come from the Lord’s skin, or is the language merely a figure of speech emphasizing the Savior’s agony?
Killers Killing Killers
Murder is always a despicable act.
This Generation Shall Not Pass Away
Are the visible signs of Matthew 24 indicators of the Lord’s Second Coming or of a conflict that would occur within the life span of “that generation”?
Are the Scriptures “Verbally” Inspired of God?
Some claim that there is a “sense” in which the Bible is “inspired of God” — but that it cannot be claimed that the very words themselves were divinely given. Will this theory stand the test of critical examination? This article looks at the biblical claim itself.
Is the Bible Obsolete?
Is the Bible obsolete since it was written so long ago and the world has changed so much?
The Use of “Hell” in the New Testament
There is a great deal of confusion among religious folks regarding this word due to the fact that the English form “hell” actually represents three different terms in the Greek New Testament.
Can Christians Speak in Tongues Today?
Is the gift of speaking in tongues still being given by the Holy Spirit?
Problems for the Theory of Evolution
The theory of evolution is so besieged with problems that it’s amazing it is so widely believed.