The Biblical View of Death
What does death involve? This terminal human experience can be a frightening prospect indeed if one is unprepared for it.
Dispensationalism and Zechariah 14
Zechariah 14 has no reference whatever to a millennial reign of Christ upon the earth.
Deuteronomy 5:3,12 – The Scope of the Sabbath
To whom was the seventh-day sabbath a religious obligation?
The Fig Tree Incident—A Contradiction?
Bible critics allege that Matthew and Mark contradict one another in their Gospel accounts relating to the “cursing” of the fig tree and the cleansing of the temple. This week’s Q&A segment addresses this issue.
Funeral Customs – Past and Present
We believe that there are principles which a judicious child of God might wish to consider in the planning of funerals.
Jesus Showed Himself Alive By Many Proofs
What evidence is there that Jesus actually rose from the dead?
Don’t Judge Me!
A common defense mechanism is: “Don’t judge me!” But is all judging condemned in the Bible?
Ernest Renan’s Assessment of Jesus Christ
What Is Meant by “the Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect”?
What is the meaning of that phrase in the book of Hebrews, “the spirits of just men made perfect”? In order to understand the expression, the surrounding context must be examined. This study does that.
Science and the Eagle’s Wings
A seemingly casual reference to the eagle’s wing more than 2,700 years ago is remarkably scientifically accurate.
Marriage: As Designed by God
What is the origin and design of marriage?
Matthew 5:5 — Meek Inherit the Earth
What is “meekness”? And what did Jesus mean when he said the meek will “inherit the earth”?
A Rebellion in Heaven
Is there biblical evidence that there once was a rebellion among angels in heaven?
The Authority of Jesus Christ
Authority is one of those words that usually creates an instant emotional reaction—in some folks, fear and distrust, in others safety and order. While Jesus was the image of love and gentleness, he also possesses and exercises great authority.
Lessons from the Grand Canyon
Does the Grand Canyon provide visual testimony in support of the theory of evolution?
God Wants Me To Be Happy
Many people in today’s world justify their immorality by the rationalization, “God wants me to be happy.” But is “happiness” to be found in vile indulgences? Take a serious look at this issue in the light of God’s word.
Jesus: The Master Teacher
The greatest teacher who ever lived was a carpenter from Nazareth. His benevolent influence is beyond dispute by even his critics.
Ignore this Lesson and You’re History!
It is unfortunate that so many think they can trifle with the Creator of the Universe and not be held accountable. What a tragic mistake this is.
Effective Bible Study — An Urgent Need For Everyone
If the church of today was a more studious body, she would not be plagued with as many problems as she now encounters. Knowledge is a powerful antidote to error. Let us return to the thrilling adventures within the Word of God.
What Was the Nature of Cain’s Sin?
What was Cain’s sin? Weakness, lack of faith or downright rebellion?