How Many Prophecies Are in the Bible?
Has anyone counted the number of prophecies in the Bible?
Principles of Bible Prophecy
The study of prophecy is one of the truly challenging, yet rewarding, areas of biblical investigation. It is also a theme that is grossly abused. In this article, we propose to examine some of the principles governing Bible prophecy.
Cyrus the Great in Biblical Prophecy
A study of Cyrus the Great and his role in biblical prophecy
Babylon: A Test Case in Prophecy—Part 1
Part one of a two-part series examining the ancient city of Babylon and its role in Bible prophecy
Jehovah’s “Messenger” – An Amazing Prophecy
In the final book of the Old Testament there is a stunning prophecy that deals with the mission of John the Baptizer and the Lord Jesus—who was the object of John’s preparatory work. A study of this text pays rich dividends.
Daniel’s Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
Biblical scholars have catalogued more than three hundred amazing prophecies that find precise fulfillment in the life and labor of the Son of God. One of these predictive declarations is found in Daniel 9:24-27, commonly referred to as the prophecy of “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks.”
Nostradamus—Prophet or Pretender?
Was Nostradamus a prophet or pretender? Atheists allege his prophecies are just as impressive as prophecies found in the Bible.
Was Matthew Mistaken in the “Nazarene” Prophecy?
Some allege that the apostle Matthew made a mistake when he attributed Jesus’ title, “Nazarene,” to Old Testament prophecy? Is there a possible solution to this enigma?
Daniel’s Prophecies: Encouraging and Enlightening
Through divine intervention and revelation, God communicates a timeless message through the prophet Daniel – He is in charge and rules in the kingdoms of men. Combined with the book’s immense apologetic value, the study of Daniel is faith building in many respects. Our confidence in Scripture is increased; our conviction regarding God’s plan in the world is strengthened.
Has the Messiah of the Old Testament Come?
Some Jews adamantly deny that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah. They contend that the true Messiah is yet to come? Study this matter with us.
The Death of Sennacherib: A Case Study in Prophecy
An amazing prophecy fulfilled in defense of Jerusalem from an Assyrian invasion.
An Amazing Prophecy in the Book of Daniel
The book of Daniel stands as powerful evidence for the genuineness of Bible prophecy. It thus is a convincing demonstration of the divine origin of the Scriptures.
The Holy Bible, Inspired of God: A Look at the Evidence
The Bible claims to be the word of God. But is there any evidence that this claim is true? Here’s an article you will want to read and save.
Did Balaam Prophesy Concerning the Messiah?
What is the meaning of Balaam’s prophecy that begins: “I see him, but not now”?
Was Potential Sin by Christ Prophesied?
This question explores the possiblity of whether Nathan prophesied about the possible sin of Christ.
Was Mormonism’s “Prophet” Misrepresented?
A critic has accused the Christian Courier of misrepresenting Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Mormon Church, with reference to one of his alleged “revelations.” Were we guilty of this infraction? Read this article and see.
A Bible-Believing People
Your attitude toward the Scriptures determines how God’s Word will influence your life.
Matthew’s Use of the Term “Fulfilled”
When the apostle Matthew wrote that an Old Testament prophecy had been “fulfilled” by Christ, just what did he mean? Engage in this study with us.
A Study of the King of Tyre Prophecy in Ezekiel 28
Ezekiel 28:1-19 is a fascinating study of the prophetic promise of the fall of ancient Tyre. Unfortunately, this segment of scripture has become the seed-bed of two ideas that have no merit in the sacred text, namely the “fall of Satan” in Eden, or else the “rise of the Anti-Christ” near the end of the current historical era. Study this context with us.
Ezekiel 12:13 — The Blind Ruler
The prophet Ezekiel accurately prophesied the details of the capture of the king of Israel.