The Syrophoenician Woman: A Woman of Great Faith
As I was studying recently through the gospel of Mark, I was reintroduced to this wonderful individual — the Syrophoenician woman. I know that we can learn from this episode in the life of Jesus. Consider with me why our Lord described this Gentile lady as a woman of great faith.
Times That Try Our Souls
Division “contrary to the doctrine” of Christ is wrong (Romans 16:17); but division, consistent with the Lord’s teaching, is not. Let faithful men and women work for a church that is united—but united upon the basis of biblical truth, not sectarian compromise (John 17:17).
Are Contraception and Abortion Siamese Twins?
Are contraceptive methods of birth control equivalent to the practice of abortion?
Does God Speak Directly to People Today?
Is there any evidence that God speaks directly to people today? What does the Bible say?
The Eye of the Evolutionary Storm
The inspired psalmist affirmed that it was God who “formed the eye” (Psa. 94:9). Any “tidy-minded” infidel who thinks he has found a flaw in the fundamental design of the Creator’s handiwork, had better use the eyes the Lord has given him, and “look again.”
What About John’s “Ridiculous” Statement?
Is there a reasonable explanation for John’s statement that the deeds of Christ could not fit into all of the world’s books (Jn. 21:25)?
The Gwen Shamblin Controversy
This article discusses the recent controversy concerning noted weight-loss expert, Gwen Shamblin.
What Role Does Childbearing Play in Woman’s Salvation?
What was Paul’s meaning when he affirmed that woman could be saved through her child-bearing (1 Timothy 2:15)?
Was Paul’s Reference to His Cloak a Meaningless Triviality?
Some claim that Paul’s request for his cloak was a “trivial” reference, unworthy of the claim of verbal inspiration.
How Is a Civil Ruler a Minister of God?
What is the relationship between the Christian and the government?
What About Moderate Social Drinking?
This article responds to a number of arguments which attempt to defend the practice of social drinking.
Who Is the “Natural” Man in 1 Corinthians 2:14?
In a letter to the church at Corinth, Paul affirmed that “the natural man does not receive the things of God.” Some allege that this text suggests that one cannot understand the Scriptures without direct guidance from the Holy Spirit. But, as Wayne Jackson demonstrates in this article, this view reflects a misunderstanding of the apostle’s argument.
An Atheistic Assault upon the “Design” Argument
An atheist thinks he has crafted an ingenious argument against the time-tested concept of “design demands an intelligent designer.” But his reasoning is logically flawed and internally inconsistent.
Blasphemy — What Is this Great Sin?
What is the horrible sin of blasphemy? Have I been guilty of it? Can one obtain pardon for it?
False Ideas about the Holy Spirit
False teachers do exist (2 Peter 2:1), and the ideas they advocate are dangerous. In this study, we will direct attention to some false teachings relative to the Holy Spirit.
Should a Christian Marry Outside the Faith?
This discussion addresses whether or not a Christian should marry “out of the faith.”
Our Universe: An Amazing Machine
Our amazing universe is a wonderful, intricately designed machine.
Is Man a Naked Ape?
English zoologist Desmond Morris once characterized human beings as naked apes. This was his cute, dramatic attempt to promote the theory of organic evolution. Is there any evidence to support this view?
Three Great Facts about God
There are many wonderful truths regarding God upon which the sincere soul should meditate. In this article we consider but three. Reflect upon these with us.