How Many Resurrections Will There Be?
Some advocates of the millennial scheme suggest there will be two resurrections separated by a one-thousand-year reign of Jesus on earth. What does God’s Word have to say on this subject?
The Latest Hagee Heresy: “In Defense of Israel”
John Hagee’s new book, In Defense of Israel, makes some astounding claims. But will they stand in the light of scripture?
The Rescue of Christ — So-Called
A recently-published book, Rescuing Jesus from the Christians, seeks to throw the spotlight on some of the alleged “errors” in the beliefs and teaching of Jesus Christ. The fact is, Clayton Sullivan, the author, has revealed how very little he knows about Gospel history. Wayne Jackson briefly reviews this new volume.
How Will God Judge Those Who Never Hear the Gospel?
What will be the ultimate fate of those who never have a chance to hear the gospel of Christ? This is a question with which every sensitive soul struggles.
For the Joy that Lay before Him
Hebrews 12:1-2 sets forth the wonderful example of Christ to encourage us as we strive to “run the race.” May we ever follow in his path.
What About the Thief on the Cross?
If the thief on the cross could be saved without being baptized, why cannot people today do the same?
Don’t Get Old!
Some people despise their accelerating agedness. Growing old ought to be the most rewarding time of one’s life. Perhaps these thoughts will help you.
Stranger? Or Family and Friend?
What a thrilling concept it is to transition from being a stranger to becoming a citizen, indeed, a family member and a “friend.” Our Lord once said: “You are my friends if you do the things which I command you” (John 15:14).
A Rabbi Argues with Jesus—and Loses!
The “Rabbi” imagines meeting Jesus face-to-face on a dusty road in Galilee nearly two thousand years ago.
Power of the Pen, The
Wayne Jackson reflects on his past and aspirations for the future, in this endeavor.
A Study of Matthew 24
Matthew chapter twenty-four is a largely symbolic chapter of the New Testament that has been misinterpreted in two extreme directions.
Paul’s Spectacular Journey
Study with us the thrilling text in 2 Corinthians, regarding Paul’s spectacular journey into Paradise.
The Gospel in Miniature — In the Book of Revelation
The book of Revelation ignites a confidence in the soul of every child of God — of any century. What a thrilling ray of hope this must have generated in the hearts of those early, suffering saints. Truly, it is the “gospel in miniature.”
Behold, the Man!
Pilate paraded Jesus before the crowd and exclaimed, “Behold, the man!” (Jn. 19:5). Significantly, this very phrase is found in an Old Testament prophecy that heralds the coming of Israel’s Messiah.
A Breathtaking View of the Love of Christ
Because of his overflowing love for humanity, could it be that Jesus chose to forever be identified with us in some way?
Take Heed Lest You Fall
Does the Bible teach that a Christian cannot ever fall away from grace?
Does the Requirement of Baptism Compromise the Immutability of God?
Does the fact that God did not require water baptism for the remission of sins under the Mosaic system indicate that baptism must not be obligatory under the New Covenant? Does this compromise the Lord’s “immutability”? Study the question with us.
Don’t Mess with the Target
Spiritually, it is not an easy thing, in a world immersed in wickedness, to live a life dedicated to obeying the law of God.
Is It Wrong to Be Cruel to Animals?
Is animal life sacred? Is it wrong to be cruel to animals?
Romans 9:22 – Is Eternal Punishment Fair?
Is it fair for God to punish the wicked for all eternity? Some believe that it is not, and have, therefore, developed a doctrinal view that denies this clear warning of scripture.