The Terror of Death: Causes and Cures
There are numerous examples from history of valiant Christians who went to their deaths as martyrs, singing hymns and happily praising God. How were they able to exude such a joyful demeanor? Whence their sense of fearlessness that seems to elude so many today?
Does the Bible Sanction Rahab’s Lying?
Some charge that the Bible is inconsistent since it condemns lying, yet appears to endorse Rahab’s involvement in this very sin. How is this supposed discrepancy to be explained?
When Christ Withdraws His Fellowship
This article discusses the meaning of Matthew 18:20 in its immediate context.
The Trashing of Human Life
The only way one can consistently argue for the sanctity of human life is to ground his case in the ultimate moral law which proceeds from the sovereign Creator of the universe.
Is There No Plan of Salvation for Angels?
Does Hebrews 2:16 teach that there is no plan of salvation for the angels who fell from God’s favor?
Defending the Faith with a Broken Sword — Part 1
Can we do more harm than good when defending the truth with incorrect reasoning?
The Drawing Power of God
The Bible teaches that God “draws” people to himself. But how does God draw people? There is much confusion in the religious community regarding this important issue.
Armageddon: The Next of the “Left-Behind” Series
Parents, Obey Your Father
Parental responsibility means helping your kids go to heaven. It takes time, attention, and divine insight. Be there for your children — be a Christian parent. Jason Jackson considers Paul’s admonition to children in Ephesians 6:1, which must be taught by parents.
Joshua’s Farewell Address
This article addresses whether or not people have the right to speculate about who will be saved apart from the declarations of divine revelation.
Why Were Humans Created?
A university student is bothered with questions as to why human beings were created. Did the creation reveal a “need” on the part of deity? Join us for a discussion of this question.
Radical Criticism and “Christian” Education
What is “radical criticism” and how has this philosophy affected “Christian” colleges and universities? This theme is addressed in this week’s Penpoints.
The English Standard Version Study Bible – A Review
Since its release in 2001, the English Standard Version of the Bible has gained popularity. We reviewed the ESV several years back and gave it commendation. Last year the ESV Study Bible appeared. While the study tools frequently are helpful, there are numerous danger spots characterized by doctrinal error. Those using this edition should be informed.
Five Things that Will End When Christ Returns
The apostle Paul’s reference to “the end” in 1 Corinthians 15 examined.
The Mandate for Christian Unity – A Study of Ephesians 4:1-6
Why is there so much religious diversity in the world—or even in the community of “Christendom”? Surely such is not the ideal will of God. Let us consider this theme most carefully.
Barking at an Empty Log: Atheism & Millennialism
Do the absence of certain “millennial events” disprove the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible. Not in the least. They do, however, disprove popular millennial theories.
Reflections on the Pope
Is the New Testament information regarding Peter consistent with the image of the pope? Do the Scriptures teach that the church of Jesus Christ was founded upon the apostle Peter?
Never Man So Spoke
What made Jesus the greatest teacher of all time?
Ishmael: His Hand Against Every Man
The remarkable biblical prophecies concerning Ishmael, are explored, especially the historical emergence of his descendants and their warlike characteristics.
The Biblical View of Death
What does death involve? This terminal human experience can be a frightening prospect indeed if one is unprepared for it.